Daily Archives: August 16, 2007

Hair and Boots OnRez

Just a little update :)

I now have all of the current AmberStrands hair design available at my OnRez Storefront yay! I will also be adding in any new hairstyles that I come up onto there also. Including…

(Sneak Preview!)

AmberStrands ~ Margot

This is a lovely updo with a bun. Static design with fly away bangs, curly tendrils in the back and color change hairband. Big thank you to Symphony Laval for the menu script for my hair bands yay Sym!!

I have also added The Haute Spot link to my Blogroll, and you can keep up with Symphony and what is going on at that wonderful Fashion and Models club :)


Margot is available in Black, Bloody Red, Blonde and Coco. Please click thumbnail for larger views. You will be able to get this hairstyle very soon at AmberStrands wall, and at OnRez.


I now have all the ADF boots available at OnRez as well. I will also be adding in the ADF Kicking Mules, and any other footwear I create. I know I have mentioned some of this before, but it may have been missed in my ranting post *giggles*

I will also be clearing wall space in my store by putting the “colorful creations” I have made this Summer into the handy and so easy to use OnRez Vendors. Just a couple of clicks on the website and everything is set when I rez them out weehoo!!!

Fall is fast approaching, and it is time to make room for upcoming designs :)