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Erzuli and Clio

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These two new gowns are to be the first in my Goddess & Muse Series. Lately, I have been looking to Art, History and Myth to gather inspiration for my designs. Please click the Thumbnails for the larger views.


“Erzulie Freda Dahomey, (Voudou) the Rada aspect of Erzulie, is the spirit of love, beauty, jewellery, dancing, luxury, and flowers. Her colors are pink, blue, and gold. Coquettish and very fond of beauty and finery.”

I have chosen to highlight this gown with gold, one of Erzuli’s favorite colors :) This gown comes with gloves – I have not do a gown with gloves for awhile hehe! I hope you enjoy!

Erzuli Goddess Gown

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Clio is the one of the Nine Muses. She is the Muse of History.

This gown blends many elements of historical fashions. The short bolero jacket, victorian long sleeves with lace cuffs (flex), lush medieval texturing and other details.

Clio Muse Gown

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Both gown are quite lovely without the prims, and come with suggested matching shoes by Sylfie’s Prim Seduction.

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