I am a fashion designer in the online virtual world of Second Life. If you have a SL account, you can always pop in and visit my main store location in Knot sim by clicking HERE

To learn more about my design style, and to take a look at my fashions, feel free to explore the ADF and Ambergris links on the Blogroll :)

This is blog is a lot like my store: it is also my home! There is a lot to see, and explore, and many times I post more personal things as well as the latest designs available.

This blog, like my store will grow and change as I do, and please feel free to bookmark it to you favorites, and/or save the RSS feed found down along the sidebar to the right.

—>Buy/Sell Lindens HERE! ELDEX: The BEST Exchange in SL ;)<—

*If you are interested in having my designs at your mall, club, venue etc, please note:
I am doing ONLY commission/affiliate vending at 15% (negotiable)


My Designs:

They are a mixture of hand drawing, painting and photosource. The latter being my weakness, I do try to practice more with it, but I am in my comfort zone when I draw things by hand:  from my head to The Gimp hehe!

Please keep that in mind when engaging me for a custom order ty ;)

Clothing Permissions:
The majority of my creations are Modify/Transfer.

You can also join the Ambergris Addicts Group!

1. IM me for an invite
2. Or use Search, go to Groups tab, type in AmbergrisAddicts, click Join button: Its FREE!
3. Or leave a request via comment post here on the blog :)

Tired of joining groups? TP to the Main Store and click on the Green Join Button to get notified of new designs/group updates etc via automatic IM instead yay!

***Please note: those who DO give up a group space for ADF get access to Group Only SPECIAL discounts, goodies, contests, free stuff and ohhh so much more! The group IS IM chat intensive and lots of (random/crazy/interesting) notices go out often ;)


Some Customer Kudos:

zerohero Piers: the selection was great ans o were the prices :)

Harway Dench: Hi ambergris, i hope you had a wonderful start into the new year, i purchased the vlad outfit designed by you a couple of minutes ago and really am impressed. the david bowie outfit is great and so is the vlad outfit. My compliments :-)

Lenae Munz: I just wanted to say that your designs are amazing! The Merlot 7-Piece Ensemble is absolutely to die for! <3 Thank you for designing such a wonderful outfit!

CHRISTIE Marksman: hey amber  stoped by your store you work is still great as ever

Tannia Ling: I love your designs. They are some of the first skirts that actually look right. Like this skir I think fits perfectly

(about Bathory gown:)
Simone Stern: amber that is THE prettiest thing you have EVER made
Pushy Fitzgerald: I said, Damn TPs had better work, I have to have that unbelievable gown

Minxy Dean: Can I just say I absolutely ADORE your clothing!!!! Love it…thank you for taking the time to create and offer your work…gorgeous stuff!! *hugs* pleasure to look at, pleasure to wear, thank you xxxxx

Niarmoria Azemus: thank you for the lovely freebies;  they are reaally appreciated as I am a newcomer and it has helped me get started

Ysobelle ZouThanks SO much! Oh, and I’ve sent ALL my friends to you. They LOVE your stuff!

“Ardat Auer: hello sexy, please tell me where is your skirt from:) it is the finest i ever have seen in sl
“SexyJade Echegaray: see mytag? ambergris. she is right across the street.  she is awesome

NightShadows McCullough: I just won a Goth Ball contest in the NightShadows Flex….. YOU SO ROCK! *hugs and kisses*

Cory Korolev: amber.. i bought your green sylvie.. [Sylvia] it is LOVELY!!! the emroidery is best i have ever seen in sl.. and i got lots fof compliments on it too.. thank youu!!!!


Links to articles and blog posts written about ADF:

Khitten Kurka
Wearing Oh Sheila
Here on Her Blog
July, 2011

Khitten Kurka
Wearing Epoch
Here on Her Blog
June, 2011

Roland Zepp
Reviewing ADF Designs for Menswear Fashion Show
Here on His Blog
April 16th 2010

Keira Tyles
Reviewing ADF Design “Karjala”
Here on Keira sTyles Blog
April 15th 2010

Keira Tyles
Reviewing ADF Design “Sylvia”
Here on Keira sTyles Blog
April 9th 2010

Rhonda Pennell
Reviewing ADF Design “Bonny Buccaneer”
Here on Opium Fashion Agency Blog
April 5th 2010

Cool Visiter Strikes Again!
March 2010

GLANCE International Agency
Red Heart for Haiti
Fundraiser Show, Red Cross for Haitien Relief
February 2010

Khitten Kurka
Awesome Ambergris Print Model
November 2009

A Cool Visitor
The Original Post (in Japanese)
October 2009

SweetDeb Kips
Featuring my Designers Showcase Network (DSN) outfit, Thalia
Here on Her Blog
September 2009

Rhianna’s Runway Rendevous
MODA Spotlight Show!
July 2009

Veronica Krasner’s Fashion Spot
January 2009
Review of Darkness Calls Fashion Show

Best of SL Magazine (BOSL) ~ Fashion Review
October 2008
Page 184 in the 1 year anniversary issue! Review of my Dark Desires Fashion Show



MODA Fashion SL
Interviewed by Helene Diplomat of MODA
January 2008

KatrineHolm Review
October 2007

Sexy Second
Review of Slickety Black by Arabeth Laval
September 2007

Mui Mukerji :)
Review of Bathory
September 2007

Sublime Goddess Fashion Show/Festival
September 2007
5cTyeTone (2)

Digi Vox in AmberStrands Bobbie!
Also featured on header banner HERE
August 2007

More from Mui
May 2007

Lillie Guildenstern
March 2007

Linden Lifestyles
February 2007
SL Herald POV of my Noobie Fashion Show from Spring 2006 LOL!
March 2006
(I think they missed the point of the whole thing *giggles*)
Not to mention having the owner of an agency reviewing another agency’s show is a bit like the fox guarding the henhouse.)
chomp chomp! lmao!

Other places you can find Ambergris Designs:

Risatina Skins & Makeup: Specialty Boutique

Transylvania’s (/^VAMPIRE EMPIRE^\)
Transylvania (58, 215, 31)
Current Goth/Vamp designs, menswear, alternative and costume, ADF Boots, Leather and MORE

Dark Weddings ~ Ambergris Goth/Vamp Wedding Line

Knot (246, 221, 56)
Formals, Menswear/Unisex Suits, Bridal, Veils, Bride’s Maid, Flower Girl, Leather and Lace
Wolfhaven Rings and Avalon Homes Vendors
KessKreations Wedding Vendors
Links/SLurls/Info for Wedding and Event Planners
Amenities: Photobooth, kiss and cuddles, slow dances, furnishings to make your shopping experience more romantic and fun!

AmberStrands Hair 
AmberStrands/AmberAnims, Knot (196, 225, 57)

Fun hairstyles, fatpacks, cool colors; 2010 UPDATE: DrLife hairstyles now available at AmberStrands! Featuring All Color-by-Click technology :)


Always check my Profile Picks for Additional ADF Designs/Locations/INFO

If you have any questions and/or comments about anything, please feel free to IM me, or post here on this blog.
~Amber :)

2 responses to “About

  1. I and the Addicts miss you. I hope everything is ok with3/25/2009. Hugs and Smooches..

  2. I am fine Draxie :)
    I had a bit of a RL emergency situation, but everything is ok!
    (It always ends up that way with me)
    *huggs and kisses to you, yours and the Addicts*
    ~Amber :)

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