November 07

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Below is a brief listing of the designs I created in November 2007.


Hand drawn gown with bluestone jeweled accents, available in 5 gemstone colors: garnet, tourmaline, emerald, topaz and sapphire

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100L Skimpies

The skimpies are available in four colors: Purple, Green, Red and Blue – each slightly different design, and each featuring lovely jeweled accents in all the right places ;)

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Part of my Fall Collection 2007, This Hand Drawn formal gown is available in 7 warm seasonal colors: Aqua, Blue, Gold, Green, Gold, Pink, Purple and Red

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This gown feature dragon scale texturing with soft leather accents. Available in 5 bold dragony colors: Red, Green, Gold, Blue and Purple

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Tin Lady

The SciFi cable channel will be doing a remake or reworking of The Wizard of Oz starting in December. It is called Tin Man, and will be a mini series. This design is a nod to what looks like will be a very exciting rendition of that old favorite.

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A fun flirty mini dress with Sculptie blossom on the bustier. Comes with panties, matching flex panels and shoulder scarves. Available in 5 colors: Blue, Green, Pumpkin, Purple and Red.

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The Little Black Dress done up in soft black leather with peek-a-boo bustier. Comes with matching panties, sheer stockings and a pair of ADF strappy high heels

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Snowflake Boots

Black Leather with random falling snowflake appliques. I decided to bring back the signature ADF claw heel as well :)

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The Sylfie

This design is a collaboration between myself and Sylfie Minogue of Sylfie’s Prim Seduction. Shiny slick leather is the highlight of this design, and Sylfie has provided the matching short boots to complete the look. Of course the boots are named “Amber” ;)

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23 Skiddoo

1920’s strappy little red dress with Feather headbad and ciggie w/holder, Panties, gloves and stockings included.

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Dark Orion

Holiday formal gown with celestial sheen and lots of starshine. Comes with panties and glitch pants. Jagged edged design on the sleeves and hemline of the underskirt.

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Holly Day

I have been having some fun creating designs for the holiday season :) This latest gown comes in Red/Gold and Green/Gold with bare shoulders so you can accessorize with your favorite matching jewelry.

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Pink is the new Black! Sexy-Cute flexy minidress outfit that comes with a lot of goodies: AmberStrands Babette hair with optional flexy bows with ribbons, panties, matching ADF boots with asymetrical design and lil flexy bow in the front.

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