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99L Sale! Dark Weddings is Closing

Yes you heard it right:

The Dark Weddings section of Ambergris Deadly Fashions is closing down!

Everything that is ADF-Created on those Four Fabulous Walls is going for only 99L!

A great chance to snag Deliciously Dark and Gorgeously Glam designs for almost next to nothing :)


Wedding Gowns, Groom Suits, Women’s Suits, Formal Menswear, Formal Gowns, Dresses, Flower Girl, Veils, Gothy Glam, Vintage ADF, Hand Drawn, Luscious Lingerie, Deadly Discounted Full Formal SETS – and MORE!

The perfect time to Get a Great Gift – almost everything is TRANSFER!!! (omg)

ONLY at the Dark Weddings Location <—yes that is a TP SLurl! Don’t miss out – doors are closing soooooooooooooonnnn!

You can also pull up my profile and Teleport from my Picks, Type Dark Weddings into in world search and TP from there, go to main store location and use the internal Teleport system :) But just GET THERE!!

Happy Holidays! Shop HARDER My Lovelies!

~Amber :)

Dark Weddings: secondlife://Knot/246/221/56

ADF Fall Collection 2011 (1)


Shiver in the Fall breeze in this delightful dress. Autumnal hues, jagged silhouette. Matching flexi top included.

Hair: by Potpourri (Heidi Hammerer)
Skin & TatMakeup: Risatina
Shoes: LeLutka

Grab this design at the Fall Collection Display next to the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions ~TRANSFER~ For Easy Gift Giving. Available online right HERE at my SL Marketplace Store.

6 Years Of Fashion in SL

Many people like to have huge “rezday” parties and all that. Being who I am, I mostly threw parties every year for my STORE instead. Since she (I guess lool) was born barely a month after I was into Second Life. (And I remember my Very First Sale too!) Not to mention being a retailer, a Fashionista, a Dressmaker, a CEO if you must – was my initial raison d’etre, and my focus really hasn’t changed much over these past six years. (And strange I’ve not yet even logged into SL once today either eeee! Just in a more  reminiscing mood I guess…)

There aren’t that many people on the grid, much less clothing designers who were around before (GASP!) flex prims and even (eee!) sculpties for that matter. Online has its own time-space continuum and things move so fast longevity is rare, and rarer still in Virtual Worlds and even more so in Second Life.


I’m just glad I’m still around and I think I’ve weathered the changes pretty well, all things considered. Despite Linden Lab doing things like (yeah was just talking about this in AmberSpam the other day) having the eye creation template be backwards, huge seam line-up flaws on the sleeves and pants creation templates, and decided to implement flex on the prim “upside down”. So you couldn’t just make a previously static skirt into a flexi skirt via the Features tab – oh no! You had to start from scratch.

Many people wanted their favorite Ambergris gowns or dresses flexified, and I did a few one-on-one requests, but instead of re-creating some of my fabulous works into flexi – I just started fresh. Hey by that time I was trouper, and had learned a lot (including The Art Of The Flex) from my Mentor, Simone Stern. – I could handle it!


What I almost could not handle was finding out the feature that USED to bump you off anything you were sitting on, standing on, dancing on (pose ball, chair, dance ball etc) when you went to switch outfits – was actually a BUG…. That they took oh some THREE YEARS to get around fixing. Silly us, just thought that was How It Was And Ever Shall Be. I can’t TELL you how many work arounds I tried with the types of shows and displays I wanted to do, with models on rotating pose stands, switching from outfit to outfit….And here all that time it was a simple fix.

Somehow it was just worse it was a MISTAKE and not just “an SL thing”. Like how in RL a dress or a gown is usually a one-piece garment, but in SL you have to make a top and a skirt separate and make damn sure your seams match so it looks like the one-piece garment its supposed to be. Hey thats just How It Is in here.


You want to know how it felt as a content creator when SL got all hoity toity with their brand and copyright protection, and STILL. To this DAY – could give a heck about OUR brand and copyright protections? (wait, you do not want to know, really you DO NOT) There is a good reason the name of my store bears my Avatar’s name. And subsequently my copyrighted dot com website, and also this design blog. I took my cue from my very savvy mentor Simone Stern of Simone! Design. You do what you can to ensure whatever protections you can squirrel up.

I used to be the only Avatar on the grid with the first name: Ambergris. That lasted about two years. Now there’s lots more. But I dare any one of them to open up a business bearing THEIR name. Sorry. No Can Do Ma Petite ChouChou. Momma Spank. However, my name is by no means unique. Out in the Real World there’s an island resort named Ambergris Caye. (Now there’s one in SL too lool). There is also some obscure rock group named Ambergris. And yeah, also the whole “Morbid Secretion Of The Sperm Whale” that USED to make you rich if you found some. Now they process it synthetically. (to aide in the staying power of perfumes) But I still think if you found some of the natural stuff, it would bring in a pretty penny. I wanted my biz to stand out.


But enough about whale secretions. (ewwww!) What have things been like in SL these past 6 years? Bumpy. Fun. Crazy. Sad. Frustrating. Fantastic. Just like RL in many cases. That’s why I its called Second Life right? Many don’t like that name, but I think its a good fit. There is much you can here that you couldn’t possibly do in RL. Many of my clothing designs reflect that. Many people “get” that – a lot don’t. We are funny creatures, human beings. Here is a world where we can FLY and create dragons as pets…. and all you want to do wear is jeans that look exactly like the ones you’re wearing in RL. I don’t get that. But I DO get retail, so as much as I think its weird – yeah I have boring old look like RL jeans for you to buy if you MUST.


If that gravity-defying bustier on my Out-Of-This-World gown frightens you too much. Here: wear a pair of these SAFE JEANS. There you go.

A dragoneering friend of mine recently commented on my fashions saying something like: “They look painted on”. Which didn’t mean skin-tight when I queried him for more information. What I think he meant was that they look like ART. Like paintings like pictures like THAT. He said that was one of the things he loved about my stuff and likewise sent many friends to go shop at my store. Me Likey!

And it IS Art to me. I paint, I draw, I splash colors around, I dream designs, My Muse points me in directions I’d never think to go. How much FUN I’m going to have when I get to translate my SL fashions into RL clothing! I just need a sewing machine, a small business loan and all the episodes of Project Runway on DVD, and I’m THERE! Turning dreams into something real, even if its initially Virtual Reality – is in part what I think Second Life is all about. And when you can make monies with your dreams too, that ain’t bad either!


I made it through funky design templates, LL’s bloops and blunders, flexi and (barely) sculpties – and now I’m (sort of) tackling MESH. Mostly I’m in Wait And See mode. Most likely I will handle it like I’ve handled sculpts: I’ll buy the full perm stuff and Amberize it for ya! But the waiting part is to see the impact mesh will have on the fashion industry in SL:

Will my customers care about having mesh clothing offered? Will I have to incorporate mesh into my everyday designing? What are the pros and cons of mesh clothing? Will it even be worth my while? (last I heard, mesh uploads were going to be pricey – I haven’t heard a peep on that yet as it pertains to clothing.) That sort of thing.

What I do want to leave you with today, this my 6th rezday in SL is this: Be creative. Whether you are a content creator, retailer, consumer or whatever. Think out of the box – try new things. If your creations don’t turn out exactly as planned, you can always ditch them into my ever burning Bonfire Of Designs That Must Never See The Light Of Day ;)

But you will have grown from the experience and have always learned something too. So hang in there and one day you too will be able to look back over the years and say: OMG! What a Ride! weeeeHOOO!


Ambergris Deadly Fashions, Dark Weddings, AmberStrands Hair Salon, Risatina Makeup and Skins, AmberAnims Model Poses, AmberTramp, Breedable Dragons, AmberBrats Clothing For Kids: The List Goes ON.

New Make-up at Risatina

The One Year Anniversary of Risatina Makeup and Skins just blew right past me this Spring. So to celebrate, however belatedly I’ve cooked up some absolutely DELISH Makeups for you!

These makeups are created on the (new) tattoo layer so be sure your viewer supports them. Try the demos to be certain. I call them “TatMakeup” ~ hey why not?

1. Cory Naturals
Inspired by the WONDERFUL Cory Korolev!
Lovely earthy tones pallette
Comes in a 4-Pack: Autumn, Spice, Sunrise, Cinnamon
Works best on Medium to Light skin tones, but be sure to try the Demo to see how it works on your skin(s).

Buy Online at SL Marketplace right HERE! (Demos available online too)


2. Leona Cute
Inspired by the AMAZING Leona Upshaw!
Lovely tones all about Teh Cute ;)
Comes in a 4-Pack: Cute Eyes, Cute 70’s, Cute Diva, Cute Vamp
Works best on Medium to Light skin tones, but be sure to try the Demo to see how it works on your skin(s).

Buy Online at SL Marketplace right HERE! (Demos available online too)


3. Deep Diva
Inspired by the Diva in All of Us :)
Divalicious Daring Tones!
Comes in a 4-Pack: DarkRose, Vamp, Fierce, GaGa
Works best on Dark to Medium skin tones, (pale tones give a very dramatic look), but be sure to try the Demo to see how it works on your skin(s).

Buy Online at SL Marketplace right HERE! (Demos available online too)

Come on over to Risatina (<—Le TP SLurl!) and grab your makeup today!

A fabulous way to switch your look around without having to change skins! Just double click from inventory and enjoy :)

Again, these makeups must be used with a client that supports The New Tattoo Layer.
Permissions: Copy/NO Transfer so use the DEMO before final purchase!
enjoy :)

Out Of This World Fashion Show

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> PRESS RELEASE <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



An Intergalactic Gala of Designs from Ambergris Deadly Fashions
Featuring ADF Wear The Universe Collection
Gravity-Defying Menswear

Shown exclusively by the Luxe Modeling Agency Models
Sponsored by Impulse Island Mall

Save That SLURL:

SATURDAY AUGUST 13th, 4pm SLT on Impulse Island

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> PRESS RELEASE <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Introducing AmberBrats!

For a long time (years!?) many of my Fans, AmbergrisAddicts, AmberSpam Crew, Customers, Hangers On, Fashionistas and Favorites have been bugging me to design clothing for kids.

I finally got around to doing that!! HUGE thanks to Die Hard (and fabulous Content Creator) AmbergrisAddict Leona Upshaw for coming up with the AmberBrats name for this clothing line :) yay!!

I’ve kicked things off with three fun designs (and some FREEBIES!) available at the spiffy new AmberBrats location and also online at my Marketplace Store.

Sunny Day
Fun shorts and top set featuring sunny floral textures and breezy flexi top, olive shorts.
Hair: Babette w/Colorchange bands by AmberStrands
Skin: Sunkissed by Risatina

Grab this design right HERE on the SL Marketplace!


Pokey Dotty
Sweet little dress all done up in red polka dots. Comes with stockings and you can grab the boots FREE at AmberBrats in world!
Hair: Babette w/Colorchange bands by AmberStrands
Skin: Sunkissed by Risatina

Click HERE to get it on the SL Marketplace!


Daisy Dear
Absolutely adorable formal dress with full flexi skirt. Pretty daisy textures throughout. Grab the stockings and patent leather slippers FREE in world at AmberBrats!
Hair: Babette w/Colorchange bands by AmberStrands
Skin: Sunkissed by Risatina
Poses: AmberAnims

Click HERE to grab this design on the SL Marketplace!

All three designs are TRANSFER for Easy Gift Giving and MODIFY so you can adjust to your own shape. Just like my grown up designs, who knew??? *giggles!*

And speaking of shapes, HUGE Thank You to Keira “Kiki” Tyles for making the “lil amber” shape for meeee!

Boys designs and MORE fun outfits coming soon! Teleport to AmberBrats :)

Buy/Sell Lindens HERE on Eldex! Multiple Currencies Available, Immediate Service, No huge icky fees to LL while you sit around and wait and wait and wait for your transactions. Wonderful right?? YES :)

Ambergris on Marketplace

Why don’t you CLICK RIGHT HERE to get a peek at the newly revamped Ambergris Deadly Fashions store on the Second Life Marketplace?

I ditched out my store when Marketplace was XStreet, due to Linden Lab and their greed – they wanted to charge for each item placed on their precious servers. Seeing as I already pay tier I figured no I don’t think so kthx gbye!

Well I guess they came to their senses and now allow people to list like pretty much every other online store service – for free and only take a precentage from each sale.

So that’s why I’m back on Marketplace/Xstreet. For now you can a taste of my designs and even some pose pack as I’ve resurrected AmberAnims as well. (Peek! Red Hot Pack!).

There are rumors that they are soon(??) to be ditching the Magic Boxes system for something else, so I’m not going to have many items that I’ll just have to redo if/when that happens.

Besides I’d much more appreciate you getting your lazy butts actually IN WORLD to visit my store IN PERSON and see what amazing things I’ve done with the layout, decor and you KNOW you can always snag on the GIFTIES I have for those who Dare To Wear :D
Buy/Sell Lindens HERE! No Fees Multiple Currencies Fast Service

Glamour Gown #5

Well we are half way through the Glamour Gown Extravaganza! Only 5 more fabulous gown sets to go ;)

5. SallyAnne

This is a sassy little number full of fun and flirtyness – with a dash of GLAM – but of course! You get a detailed bodice with glittering gem accents, satiny textures throughout, and comes with a pair of optional opera length gloves: you know. For those Fashion Glam Emergencies *giggles!*

Colors for this set: Angel, Sky, Rain

Hair: DrLife, Skin: Risatina, Shoes: Style Starts Here

Get this design set ONLY at Ambergris Deadly Fashions Main Store (In the Golden Glam Circle!). TRANSFER for easy gift giving :)