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Starshine and Surprise!

Starshine is the sister gown to the Stardust gown and a must have Formal for those wanting to kick off the holiday season in style

The highlight of this design is the flesh-baring open back, and the subtle hints of leather mingled in with the starry texture.

It comes with panties and glitch pants as well. Delightful! Please click on the smaller thumbnails for larger views.


Hair in pics is AmberStrands ~ Margot with Color Change Hairband, and skin is of course my favorite from Nora :)

You can get this gown right now at OnRez online shopping by clicking HERE, and this design is now available at my main Store location: Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81) and my other vendor locations around SL



I logged in today to a wonderful surprise! Arabeth Laval had reviewed one of my designs: Slickety Black! I must say it is very rare in SL to have a spontaneous review – meaning one that is done without the designer handing out designs to fashion bloggers.

I am so thrilled and excited! It really just made my day :) Arabeth’s blog Sexy Second is now on the Blogroll and you can read the review by clicking HERE yay!


Photo Contest Winners!!

Congrats to all the entrants!!

This contest was a lot of fun and all the pictures were wonderful :D Thank you to everyone who voted!

I tallied all the votes I recieved (both from this blog and via IM), from the start of contest to the finish (last Sun 6pm SLT), and while it was VERY close – we did not need to break any ties (phew!)

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Happy Rezday to Me!

Well I am two years old now :) My rezday came and went quietly. I do not make too much of a big deal about it really. I mostly have big celebrations and sales and things on the “rezday” of my 1st store opening.

Sometime next month, so keep eyes peeled for that yay!


I was just sitting and thinking about a few things, and I guess my SL Birthday (technically the 18th, I think) is as good a reason as any to get my thoughts out.

I have been thinking a bit about customer service.

A few customer recently, and also in the previous months have been surprised when I help them out when they have some problems or questions.

For me, that is part and parcel of who I am, not to mention I feel that as a business owner, and especially as a retailer, customer service should be a very big part of what you do.

All of us are consumers whether in RL or SL or both. We have all had those moments where something has gone wrong with a purchase.

For me is no big deal to refund someone if they accidentally bought something twice. They return the extra item, and I refund. Mind you, I DO check my account history, to make sure ~ again just good business practice ~ but so many are surprised that I would even reply back to their message, much less actually help to solve the issue.

That make me wonder what other business people are doing out there. Are they ignoring their customers? Refusing to look into problems and see if they can be solved?


I know that I also got very sad about someone blaming the fact they could not see anything in my store, on me. I am well aware of the limitations of SL, and I do not use huge textures like this person just assumed I did.

Everyone would like to have their stores rez fast and wonderful all the time, but there are some things that are beyond our control.

What I would like to say here really, is that everyone on both sides ~ business owner and consumer ~ be aware of how things can be. I can only speak for myself, so I will say this here right now:

Do not ever hesitate to come to me with a question, comment or a concern about any item you have bought, tried to buy and did not recieve, or anything really. I will do my best to resolve the situation, with the tools I have at hand.

I personally would much rather know right away that I had accidentally packed the wrong outfit in a box, or that you paid for a transaction and did not recieve merchandise, or there is a big oopsie on a texture or seam etc, than NOT to know.


You are helping yourself to get what you paid for, and you are also helping other shoppers coming along behind you. If there is something that need to be fix, and I fix it: So much better for everyone all around :)

I have also put Mod/Transfer permissions on my clothing with clear intent. That they can be modified to suit your own tastes, and avatar shapes. That you can give gifts. I am also available to help with any mods, prim skirt fittings, tints etc.

My store business bears my name, and that should speak volumes on how important it is to me to make sure that my customers are happy :)

Thank you for listening to my post-birthday ramblings. Keep those Photo Contest votes coming! All my IMs go to my email so feel free to send votes in that way too, as many others have already weeeehooo!!!

love and huggs,

AmbergrisRed Suede Swing

Photo Contest: Vote :)

yay! The first ever Ambergris Addicts Photo Contest! (There will be MORE of course)

The entries were absolutely fantastic :) The rules for voting are very simple:

1. One vote per avatar. You do not even need to be an Ambergris Addict Group member!

2. TWO ways to vote: (a) Send Ambergris Baphomet an in-world IM with (first and last) name of pictured avie and/or name of outfit; (b) Post your choice on the comments here on the blog ~ you can be anonymous or otherwise :)

3. Me and my two charming judges (Symphony Laval and Elizabeth Wood) will have the last say/sort out any ties/award the Special Bonus Prize after voting ends.

So Easy!



(Gorgeous picture of Judge Elizabeth “Woodie” Wood! I had to add this in. She is wearing Calliope in Purple. You cannot vote for Woodie here, but you CAN on the 12Avatars yay!)


The pictures to vote on will be listed in no particular order except for alphabetical by avie name, below the fold, and you will have until 6pm on Sunday September 23rd to get you votes in!

Note: Contest Entrants you may vote for yourselves if you wish ~ I did say this was easy ;) After all, we must first love ourselves before we can love anyone else *giggles*

Please click on the thumbnail Contest Entry Pics to see the larger views and get those votes in right now yay!!

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Yes Ma’am!

A new Hand Drawn gown with that lovely mix of demure-sexy that we love so much :)

This design comes with a flex ribboned hat with sculpted blossom, high collar buttoned shirt, high waisted skirt, flex skirt, glitch pants and panties.

Bring them to their knees ;)

Pics and info after the break and be sure to click the smaller pics for larger views



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The Sharron Gown

I love this gown!

It was one of those wonderful happenstance things. I happened to bump into Ambergris Enthusiast sharron Nikolaidis as she was browsing and showing the store to her handsome companion. (Who by the way was looking incredible in Ennui’s Lestat suit woo!)

Really I do enjoy meeting my customers, and sharron was looking stunning herself in one of my Lacy Gowns yay! We chatted for a bit and then they went off to a vampiric location to dance the night away ;)

The end result was inspiration and learning of sharron’s latest favorite color, I created this gown and named it after her. As you know, I adore to paint and draw, and that is exactly what I did.

The gown has harlequin type diamonds on the texturing throughout, and the patterning is asymetrical, which gives this design a unique look. As with all of my flex gowns, if you ever need to leave the prims behind in your closet: you will still look absolutely wonderful!

Please click the smaller pics for larger views.

Image Hosting by sharronframe.jpg sharronbackpic.jpg

This gown is available on the New Items Wall at Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81), many of my vendor locations around SL and of course on my OnRez Online Shopping Storefront.

The hair pictured is AmberStrands ~ Babette with Color Change Hiarbands, Shoes are Sylfie. sharron loves this gown too, and I know you will as well :) Enjoy!


Sea Green Gown

There has been a lot of requests for more green designs, so I was happy to make this gown :) Since green is “my color” and love adding to my collection of green creations hehe!

I started out with a lighter color of green than usual, and began to paint. It was a lot of fun! I chose the name Flotsam for the gown. I was thinking about maybe “Sea Foam” or something, but flotsam is much more quirky ;)

The gown has a sexy halter style top, and the prims are light and floaty. Please see below the fold for pictures (be sure to click on the smaller ones for larger views), and a sneak preview of the Photo Contest for the Ambergris Addicts Group yay!

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How To Party

I am not sure how we keep doing it, but each week at the Ambergris Tuesday Party (every week 5pm SLT) at The Haute Spot keeps getting better and better :)

It could be one of those SL things. A magic combination of certain elements perhaps?

A great venue. What’s not to love about a club dedicated to Fashion, Models and Shopping? Every week we have more and more Ambergris Addicts Group members come out and dance, mix and mingle :)


AFD Models have been known to stop in too yay!! We have a LIVE DJ: Amelia Tandino, playing a wonderful mix of music, taking requests and dedications.

Symphony Laval, our lovely proprietess seems to love to pump up the Hautest Avie Contest money to insane levels; and with the installation of the AVAlanche money ball and ADF Gift Orb: the excitement level can get pretty high!


Symphony cheered me up after the loss of my Amber-Foo, by giving me a dance Chim, and this week I had finally gotten some new dances, and it was time to test out the Amber-Chim!

The pic above is some of the After Partiers from this weeks event braving the dance selection hehe! We had a wonderful time, and met fantastic people, and had a big tie for the Hautest Avie Contest: WTG Cotton and Calamity!!

See everyone next week at Le Haute!