Daily Archives: August 30, 2007

eeee! A Post!


I have been taking this mini vacation to heart :) Have not made anything new in a while.

Except some cool shirts for guys. I think I will pair them up with the Lickety Slick Goth Pants… when I get around to taking the product pics for them hehe!

Mostly I have been partying at at The Haute Spot every Tues 5pm with the Ambergris Addicts and the Elite and ADF Models :) We are almost at our goal of 100 group members yay!!

Symphony Laval is cooking up something extra special for next week party and I can hardly wait. I have met so many of the new Addicts and helping Pushy shop HARDER too.

You can see some pics of the events on my Flickr stream down to the right on this blog.

Some Store News:

I have a new vendor yay! Keylarion Lane with her KeyLane Designs. You can click on that and see her OnRez store, or come see her display next to AmberStrands at my main store.

Please see below the fold for list of other vendors at Ambergris and a pic of my favorite KeyLane outfit :) And also more store news…

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