Daily Archives: August 4, 2007

Hair!! and OnRez!

Yes I am finally fulfilling a dream of mine – to create hair *giggles* The styles will be like my clothing designs (I hope!): singular, arty and well “Ambergrisish”. yay! I made a new word!

I can just see it now: “Wow… you hairdo is so… Ambergrisish!


There will be a mini “hair salon” in the ADF Main Store, and my hair designs will be marketed under a new logo: AmberStrands

AmberStrands Poster

Mostly I hope to do what I do with my ADF texture boots: enhance my designs by offering matching accessories. The initial styles should be out sometime this weekend *fingers crossed* yay!


I never got around to getting on SLBoutique…I forget why. I only just started having my designs available on SL Exhange, really.

So now that Sheeps have revamp Boutique to the new OnRez, I am slowly starting to add my items onto there.

There is a link to my OnRez store now on the blogroll, next to my SLX one. Whenever SL is down, or you cannot log in or you are at work etc ~ you can still Shop HARDER! (Ambergris Addicts Motto hehe!)

I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a good start!