August 07

Please CLICK HERE to see Current Designs created by Ambergris Deadly Fashions :)

(this post is 4+  years old! eeeeeee!)


August was a good month for designing, even though I took many breaks here and there ;) This month was the debut for AmberStrands Hair and also for ADF Texture Boots to be available separately.

Please click on the thumbnails for larger views! All designs are available at Ambergris Deadly Fashions. The Teleport link is on the upper toolbar links on this blog. Enjoy!

First up is Summer Menswear. Two custom orders resulted in some sexy shorts and Hawaiian shirts for the guys.

Lazz PVC Shorts in Black

Lazz PVC

Also available in Green and in Pink
Lazz Tribal Shorts in Red

Lazz Tribal

Also available in Blue and Purple
Lazz Board Shorts in Blue

Board Shorts Blue

Also available in Red and Orange
Aloha Shirt Hibiscus and Outrigger

Aloha HibiscusAloha Outrigger
Next up are the first in the Goddess and Muse series of gowns.


Erzuli Goddess Gown

Buy Erzuli at OnRez!


Clio Muse Gown
AmberStrands Hair! Debut Styles

An adorable little 20’s style short bob, with curls at the temples, and flexy whispy tendrils.
Available in 4 Colors: Black, Red, Blonde and Brown and a 4-Pak


Fun, flirty and flexy full high pony available in 8 colors and three 3-Paks: Darks, Lights and Wilds



Fun bun with bangs and chopsticks!
Available in four colors: Black, Strawberry, Shiny Black and Carrot and a 4-Pak

TP SLurl to AmberStrands!

Buy AmberStrands Hair at OnRez!
Arriba Fun and flirty salsa/dance design available in blue and in red (maybe more colors coming soon!) Cute top with my signature arm bracers, mini skirt, and flex “flirts” that are attached on the legs for added swing and movement

(click for larger views)

Blue and Red Dragon Cheongsam

I am on a red and blue kick ~ I have no idea why! LOL This is a redesign of the Baby Cheongsam by request. Same cute baby top, now with long skirt w/side slit and full swirling matching prims with the dragon silk texture.

(click for larger views)


Buy Blue and Red Dragon Cheongsam at OnRez!
Next in the Goddess and Muse Series: Melpomene ~ Named after the Muse of Tragedy.


Buy Calliope at OnRez!

Calliope in Three colors


MORE AmberStrands! More Bobbie’s and introducing Babette!


Adorable flexy pigtails with color change hairbands.
Available in 5 colors: Black, Blonde, Purple, CocoBlonde and Sunset



Two New Bobbie Styles

The short classy 20’s style bob is now available with color change hairband, and also with messy bangs.



Comes in the 4 original colors: Black, Red, Auburn, and Blonde
ADF Texture Boots! Finally sold separately at 150L each, so you can get a bunch!

You can check out the other styles Right Here

Buy These Boots at OnRez!
Gothic gowns Dita Vamp and Tierney.

Dita Vamp


This gown is black leather lusciousness! Bodice with arm bracers, skirt, flex skirt and panties. Hair in pics is AmberStrands ~ Margot (coming soon!)

Click thumbnail for larger views


Buy Dita Vamp at OnRez!



This is an ultra formal gown that includes top, gloves, skirt, panties, sheer stockings and tiered flex skirt. Now also be available in Red and Black at Main Store and OnRez.


Buy Tierney at OnRez!

And finally, another AmberStrands hairstyle!

AmberStrands ~ Margot

This is a lovely updo with a bun. Static design with fly away bangs, curly tendrils in the back and color change hairband. Big thank you to Symphony Laval for the menu script for my hair bands yay Sym!!


Margot is available in Black, Bloody Red, Blonde and Coco.


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