Precious Dragons: SL Breedable!


I know you’ve ALWAYS wanted to breed your own flock (herd? gathering? horde? nest?) of dragons. I mean who hasn’t dreamed of it??

(Everybody loves dragons! And dragons love YOU because you are crunchy and taste reeeeally delish with ketchup *giggles!*)


Almost two years ago, (after a long and interesting bout with sionChicken breeding), I decided I wanted to develop dragons as a breedable “pet” (don’t be fooled, dragons own YOU not the other way around lool!), but I didn’t have the chops to bring it about all by myself.

So I contacted my longtime and very good friend Traven Sachs of Wolfhaven Productions and well, as they say, the rest is History :)

Behold: Precious Dragons!


(aaand you were wondering WHY there’s a Precious Dragons trait named after me :) loool ok! just braggin ;p)

You can CLICK HERE to teleport to my Ambergris Excellent Eggs store to grab your Starter Kit and get breeding these cute lil creatures today! Aside from my own stock I offer you Official Precious Dragons Merchandise from their Affiliate Vendor. NICE!

I also have a cart set up at Wolfhaven’s Precious Dragons Market, and may soon put some of my eggs and paks and kits for sale at my SL Marketplace Store :)


My specialty is: Breeding dragon eggs of every hue and color, Breeder Paks, Fully Loaded Starter Kits, Specialty Queens & Eggs and Enabling your Breedable Dragon Addiction :)

Click HERE for the Precious Breedables Website to learn MORE.

Click HERE for the Precious Dragons Blog to stay current on what’s happening in the Dragon Breedable World.

Click HERE for the Precious Dragons Wiki for more info and help.

Hey, we even got FORUMS too!

There is an Offical Precious Dragons Chat group (Click HERE to TP to the PD Store Dragon Cave and click the Join Groups Sign), and various unofficial Precious Dragons advertising groups you can join as well (Found inworld via Search – Groups).

Teleport To the Precious Dragons Store Cave!

Have FUN Dragoneering and Happy Hatching :)

Coming Soon to Precious Breedables:
Breedable Hippos and Breedable Wolves!!

HUGE THANK YOU: To Traven Sachs, Sybria Young, Sibaya Nightfire and the ENTIRE Wolfhaven Family, Team, Staff and Friends who made my Dream of Breedable Dragons on the SL Grid an AMAZING Reality :)

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