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ADF Fashion Party: Caught Dead in Red

Ambergris Deadly Fashions presents Fashion Party Series

(Yes: they’re BACK!)

And YOU are invited!

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Amber Gets Plastic Surgery!

———–> Like, Almost Legit Press Release Type Dealy <————


With the rumors flying since AmberAvie has been scarce on the Grid of late, inquiring minds wanted to know WHY. Well it seems that Ambergris Baphomet of Ambergris Deadly Fashions has been recouperating from some minor facial reconstruction surgery.

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ADF LookBook!

I love websurfing! you can find the most interesting things. Like this cool little site that allows you to create flashtastic websites for free!

Click the LookBook link below and enjoy :) Pass it along! (and yes my shop-a-holics: the design pics are linked to my MVX or Apez online stores) *giggles!*

ADF LookBook

hey.. are the rumors TRUE?? Has AmberAvie been AWOL due to recent Surgerie Plastique?? Stay tuned to find out!

Skimpies Show is Cancelled

Well just postponed until another date/time.
Due to RL last minute emergency (I am fine! Just have to take care of a few things.)

Original post is below the fold if you care ;)

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Merry Berry

At today’s fashion show (2pm SLT at the Ambergris Arts Runway) There will be several new designs making their debut :)

Included is the last in my yuletide series, this adorable minidress features a shortie tied up bustier w/arm bracers, mini, panties and flex mini skirt.

There are gold disc accents throughout, available in Red and in Green with matching ADF Boots with walk/no walk options and signature claw heel.

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Blue Frost

A sneaky preview

But not really. This Winter Season themed gown made its debut at yesterday’s fashion show. Which was a smashing succes btw yay!

Free Image Hosting at
ADF Elite Models Cotton Hicks and Java Laval on the Runway!

Hand drawn gown in icy blue with semi-sheer over panels on the prim skirt. Asymetrical accents in darker blue, and matching bluestone jewels are the highlight of this confection.

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Sea Green Gown

There has been a lot of requests for more green designs, so I was happy to make this gown :) Since green is “my color” and love adding to my collection of green creations hehe!

I started out with a lighter color of green than usual, and began to paint. It was a lot of fun! I chose the name Flotsam for the gown. I was thinking about maybe “Sea Foam” or something, but flotsam is much more quirky ;)

The gown has a sexy halter style top, and the prims are light and floaty. Please see below the fold for pictures (be sure to click on the smaller ones for larger views), and a sneak preview of the Photo Contest for the Ambergris Addicts Group yay!

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