Daily Archives: August 13, 2007

Boots! and OnRez

As things become more and more unstable in world, I see having online presences including storefronts become more and more important. With the experiences and things I have gone through in the past few weeks, I have come to realize a few things.

I think I have known these subconsciously for awhile, but I guess it is time to just face facts. “Your world, your imagination” translates into us being left out there alone to deal with what comes our way. Especially as business owners.

Most things I do not mind, as they are part and parcel of basic customer service. When the platform breaks down, and lets us down, I have recently found there is a majority of users who do not realize that those things are out of our control.

Many of us who create content for everyone are also ourselves consumers. It should be understood that we realize how things can go wrong, and how frustrating it is to have broken transactions and so on.

It is like we are all renting store space in the giant mall of Second Life, and to make an analogy, suppose you were in that situation RL. If the electricity goes out in the mall, how many of you would blame the individual retailers for the inability to see the items they have out for display? Not many I would think. Yet constantly over and over it happens to us here in Second Life.

We are left to take responsibility for the broken overall functions, and because it is what we do, and we are retailers, and business owners, and consumers, we attend to those things as best we can.

In short (after this long rambling speech hehe!), I will be paying more attention to making sure that I have ALL of my new items, popular items and so on available to be purchased online.

Most of those items will be concentrated on my OnRez Storefront including ALL of the AmberStrands Hair.

And also on my SL Exchange Storefront for those who want to shop there also/instead. Just be aware that SLX link will feature not so much new, but favs, golden oldies etc.


So what about the boots!? Well those who know me and my designs have been aware that I created a line of texture boots that I have included in several of my designs. I am not having them available separately at 150L/pair

You can get them online Right Here or go see them at the Ambergris Deadly Fashions main store location. They are on the wall to the right of the AmberStrands hair.


Pictured above are the ADF All Tied Up Boots featuring the signature ADF claw hook boot heel. Other style feature a spike boot heel. All priced right so you can get as many as you need to spice up those outfits!