Dark Weddings


I have created a Wedding line that is for those with darker tastes and with a Goth/Vamp flair. The initial line was pret a porter (ready to wear) with Bridal Gown, Groom, Flower Girl/Boy, Maids outfits in four corresponding and matching colors: Scarlet/Black, Gold/Black and Sapphire/Black.

While most of that line is complete, this project remains a work in progress, and indeed has expanded to include most of my darker themed formal wear for both women and men.

There is a Teleport Link provided below, and/or you can use the following links to see/shop some examples of this Wedding and Formals line of designs.



Cheverny Bride






Ritz with hat and scripted cane



As indicated by the Dark Weddings poster above, there are plenty of styles for all types of formal bondings, weddings and other celebrations where you would like to look your best with unique fashions.

Custom work is also available within my design style. NOTE: I do NOT do White Weddings! *giggles*


(UPDATE: I have created ONE white wedding dress. Take a peek at it HERE ;p Own a piece of SL history even if you are not getting hitched: doubt that I’ll ever make another white wedding dress. EVAR! *giggles!*)


Please CLICK HERE to teleport directly to the new Dark Weddings area. I have recently tiered up and was subsequently able to devote more space to this project. You will find KessKreations wedding jewelry and accessories, Wolfhaven Avalon Homes and Rings, a photo booth, couples cuddles, dances and more.

I am also available for consulting on your event, primarily with putting together the fashions, but I can also officiate as “gothic priestess” if that is needed. I also have contacts in the wedding and formal occasion planners within the SL community, and can refer you to them so you can have the ceremony of your dreams :)



One response to “Dark Weddings

  1. Im interested in a complete weeding desidn in either vampire dark or completed Gothic !

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