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Afternoon Cocteau

In the past, I have been inspired by impressionist artists to create designs that are evocative of how I feel when I view their art.

Jean Cocteau, while known mostly as a poet, film writer and novelist in later era, also created inspiring works in ceramics and other sculpting mediums, including jewelry.

This latest design is inspired by his unique style and vision in those areas of his artistic expression, and I hope you will enjoy wearing these garments as much as I enjoyed creating them!

The bodice has a jeweled flower on the front – as a nod to Cocteau’s Faune a la Barbiche sculpture and brooch – and matching arm bracers.

The cocktail length flex skirt is flirty and fun and move wonderful as you walk and dance. The underskirt can be mod longer for a classic look sans prims.

This design is available in three colors: Gold/Blue, Gold/Red and Gold/Green at the New Items Walls at Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81)

(please click the thumbnails for the larger pictures)

Cocteau in Gold/BlueCocteau in Gold/RedCocteau in Gold/Green

Red Suede Swing

Whenever SL get back on its feet, you can swing on over to Ambergris Deadly Fashions and get this latest one of my “dancing designs”.

Cute little number available ONLY in red suede. Comes with two top options, show a little more skin, or keep it more demure. The highlight of this design is asymetrical hemline on the skirt, echoed by the flouncy flex prims.

Matches up delightfully with the new Tempo stiletto from Sylfie’s Prim Seduction. (Available on the golden shoe display next to the Calico Hair)


Red Suede Swing

Red Suede Swing

Leather and Lace

Sexy wetlook design, with black buckled bustier, matching skirt and flex mini. Arm bracers on the top have a lace texture, matching *ADF* black lace texture boots with spike heel.

Walk/no walk options on boots are included. Comes with matching G-string panties. Click the thumbnail pic to see the larger image :)

Leather and Lace

Available at Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81)

Store Pics

Wow! that MODA showcase was amazing! The models were on fire and the selection of designs was truly wonderful :) I crashed many times, and on the final (4th, 5th?) one I just gave up and went to bed. At least it was at the end of the show, so hopefully I did not miss anything!


I know I have been carrying on about remodeling my store, and it is basically complete :) I have taken some shots of the store and will post them below. As always please click on the thumbnails to view the larger pictures :)


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MODA Fashion Showcase


I am so excited!

Click Here for all the details! 8pm-10pm Tonight! Thursday July 26th

“Confirmed designers include:

Dellylicious Wear
Barefoot Men’s Designs
Nocturnal Threads
EROS Designs”

This will be just fabulous :D

Crimson Bloom Wedding Gown

Cheongsam and Symphony

I had planned to debut these two designs at my show today. Second Life had other plan, however, and I was unable to log back in while trying a simple pre-show relog to get rid of build up lag.

You can get these designs at the Ambergris Arts Runway where I left them LOL I will not attempt any more log in until after midnight. This day is a washout.

Now we know why I do a show and fashion party every week! *giggles* Always something to look forward to ;)

Baby Cheongsam

Lovely silk cheongsam with baby sleeveless top, mini skirt with side slit, and matching flex “under” panels. Panties included. Available in Blue and in Red.

This, like Asian Summer is a request from Carlotta “Carly” Anatine to create more Asian inspired designs. She graciously invited me to display many of my creations at her Club Makoto ~ happy to oblige!




Yes this design is created for and named for the wonderful Symphony Laval!

She requested a red and black design, to match The Haute Spot Club theme colors, and I was able to create something while also keeping the Asian inspired theme going strong.

Sym loves this gown! and I know you will too :)



Its Showtime! 2pm

“Busy Tuesday” will kick off with WTF? What The Fashion? weekly show! Show starts at 2pm SLT so be there early to get the best seats ~ we had standing room only last week so do not be late ;)

This week will feature a mix of brand new, debut and golden oldie customer favorites :)

Menswear? You will never know unless show up!


See you on the Runway! The Ambergris Arts Runway that is ;)

Ambergris Arts ~ Runway ~ Events, Knot (227, 147, 67)


Then we party like crazy at 5pm SLT at Symphony Laval’s Haute Spot Model and Fashion Club. The MEN’S Haute Pantsuit will make its debut ~ so be there to get one!

(The *Ambergris* Haute Pantsuits are ONLY available at these weekly parties)

See you at the Haute Spot!

Midsummer Night’s Dream

There is no way I can fit this new design into my gothy catagories hehe! It come in 6 pastel colors and even features… ivory accents! OMG!

I blame it on my hot summer night dreams or Shakespeare or… well until I sort it out here is the design ~ Enjoy!

Night Dreams

Form fitting bodice with satin ribbon accent, skirt and extremely floaty prim skirt has the matching accents at waist and hem.

Semi-sheer panels on the skirt will be just a dream for those who wish to attach their favorite matching wings and flit around like faeries…



Available on the New Items Wall at Ambergris ~ Deadly Fashions, Knot (208, 62, 81)

Skin in pics: *Celestial Studios* Charmed Skin – 20 (black-Smoke)

Hair in pics: *Diversity* Cherry in Black