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Bold new menswear at Ambergris Deadly Fashions!
I get gently (and not so gently!) nagged to create more menswear, so I am happy to oblige when I can ;)

This Hand Drawn suit features a white button down shirt coupled with silver buttoned vest. Brocade jacket with both system and flex prim tails options and matching trousers.

This design is available in Black and also in Red. Inspired by the outfit worn by the character The Trickster in the 1994 movie Brainscan.

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On Point: Menswear

Military style menswear.
Brass buttons down the front, matching trou, flexy jacket tails, black shirt.

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Bold suit with brilliant bright textures, button accents. Created on many layers for maximum versatility, including jacket and long white shirt options. Matching flexy tails, optional prim flexy ruffled neck scarf with diamond pin.

Available in 4 colors: Black, Green, Blue and Red

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99L Sale!

Lots of LOVE for little loot! I have put a selection of my last year’s Valentine Collection on sale. Yes, I am getting an early start, but I am feeling the love!

Transfer for gift giving so: share the Love!
I have pictured below (clickable thumbnails) some of the designs available in the “Sale’s Patch”. Just follow the pink and red heart step stones :)

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Handsome formal suit with a festive flair
Jacket with tails; flex tails option included

Button down shirt with tie, slick goth trou complete the look
Available in Black and in Red

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Lil bit gothy, lotta bit fun! Holiday menswear outfit for the guys. Created on lots of layers for ultimate versatility. Modesty layer included for those shy Santas ;) Priced right and Transfer for easy gift giving.

FREE Santa Hat!

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CNN reports that in RL retail, sales on menswear is up with pretty high precentages as compared to last year. And very interestingly up as compared to women’s clothing overall. Of course since we ARE in a recession, sales for menswear have dropped 8% in general, with women’s clothing dropping at 18%.

I wonder if that trend might be happening in SL? Either way here’s a cool outfit for the guys!
Hand Drawn Soft leather suit with silver connecting circle accents; jacket w/optional tails and three color shirts: Black, Red and Blue; Matching belted trousers; outfit is on many layers for maximum versatility.

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These checkered shirts are coupled with the NEW ADF Riveted Black Jeans. They are also inspired by and named after new (and very addicted!) Ambergris Addict Group member brandrew Moonbeam :)

Casual yet smart button down long sleeved shirts, with open collar, tucked in style.
9 colors available: Aqua, Blue, Charcoal, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red and Teal.

Also available in hugely discounted fatpack with all shirts & pair of jeans

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