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99L Sale! Dark Weddings is Closing

Yes you heard it right:

The Dark Weddings section of Ambergris Deadly Fashions is closing down!

Everything that is ADF-Created on those Four Fabulous Walls is going for only 99L!

A great chance to snag Deliciously Dark and Gorgeously Glam designs for almost next to nothing :)


Wedding Gowns, Groom Suits, Women’s Suits, Formal Menswear, Formal Gowns, Dresses, Flower Girl, Veils, Gothy Glam, Vintage ADF, Hand Drawn, Luscious Lingerie, Deadly Discounted Full Formal SETS – and MORE!

The perfect time to Get a Great Gift – almost everything is TRANSFER!!! (omg)

ONLY at the Dark Weddings Location <—yes that is a TP SLurl! Don’t miss out – doors are closing soooooooooooooonnnn!

You can also pull up my profile and Teleport from my Picks, Type Dark Weddings into in world search and TP from there, go to main store location and use the internal Teleport system :) But just GET THERE!!

Happy Holidays! Shop HARDER My Lovelies!

~Amber :)

Dark Weddings: secondlife://Knot/246/221/56

The Brendon Pt.1

Here it is!

The FIRST installment of my “On Vacation” Menswear Line!

This hot and sexy number features LOTS of delish ways to wear it… AND of course is created on ALL layers so you can flash those pixels, tout those tats and basically: Take Advantage of the Maximum Versatility you have come to know and love from Ambergris Deadly Fashions ;)

The Brendon Pt.1

Model: Brendon Heron*
Hair: Tonic, Kipp in Charcoal
Skin: Lavie, Mark

*Brendon is the the Muse and Collaborator behind this new menswear line, and has wonderfully “donated” his body to the cause as well :)  Likey? Send him props and if your looking for a wonderful and highly professional runway model, photoshoot model, photographer: he’s the one!*

Want to give this design as a GIFT? You CAN! Its smack dab in the middle of the floor in the New Items Area at ADF, (<– oh HEY that IS a SLurl!) and is TRANSFER!


So Jean Set

Simple yet sexy set for the guys!

You get TWO shirt styles: Long and Short
TWO Jeans styles: Regular (pictured) and Skinny
Shredded and ripped in all the right places, metal studs down one side

What’s not to love?

(Yeah MODIFY so you can tint up if you want color)

So Jean Set

Skin: Mazzo Design by Mac Ayres
Model: AmberDude

You can find this design right HERE online at my MVX Storefront and in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions

And… Speaking of Menswear….

Roland Zepp blogs the ADF design he’s going to be wearing in tomorrow’s Let’s Hear It For The Boys Fashion Show by DeJa Vogue 1pm SLT 4/17/2010

3 Tanks

Casual grunge set for les hommes ;) Only 100L!

You get 3 tank colors: Teal, Red and Purple with grungy textures

I also tossed in a pair of black jeans, why not?

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Robert Set

Handsome casual set for les hommes ;)

Features a black pullover with both long and tucked in versions. Belted blue jeans complete the look.

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Inspired by The Tudors TV Mini Series this design features lush textures, jeweled accents and flex tails and lace wrist ruffles.


Hair: Tami McCoy
Skin: Mazzo Design by Mac Ayres
Shoes: Shiny Things
Model: AmberDude!

You can find this design in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions and right HERE online at my Apez Storefront


More Menswear!
This is my rendition of what Darken Rahl runs around wearing in the TV Series Legend of the Seeker, based on the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind.

A fantasy outfit that of course works quite well for roleplay and well, pretty much anything you want ;)

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