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Trust Set

It is very hard to trust. However I’ve found that Black Leather always comes through ;)

This is a delicious 6-Piece Set that features a sculpted bolero jacket, all tied up bustier, skin-tight trou, booty shorts, leggings and a lovely lil G-string. Created on all layers for maximum versatility. Trust me, you’re gonna absolutely just LOVE this set!

Trust Set
Hair: Truth
Skin: Risatina
Shoes: Style Starts Here!

You can find this design in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions and right HERE online at my SL Marketplace Store ~TRANSFER~ makes a wonderful GIFT

Black Leather Friday

Once you’ve got that pesky RL shopping out of the way, hurry on over to Ambergris Deadly Fashions and add this delectible gown to your wardrobe.

Created with a whispered tip in my (smexy!) shell-like ear from the Fabulous NightShadows McCullough, this is another smash-hit design from RL-to-SL with the usual Ambergrisish touch of Majik ;)

Features a swirling flaring mermaid skirt, slink around in shimmering PVC leather, with plunging neckline and itty bitty shoulder strap. DIVINE!


Hair: Ballet by DrLife, available at AmberStrands
Skin: Nite Dreams by Risatina (Cleavage, AYUMI)

Oh did I mention? This gown comes with an extra top – sans arm bracers – for those appearance mode challenged ;p Mod/Transfer: Makes a very special Gift!

Located in front of the Glamour Gown Golden Circle in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions.


Totally retro-chic butch design with leather and “chain mail” textures.
Includes jaunty cap, matching short gloves and flexy shoulder cape.

Leona Upshaw (dedicated AmbergrisAddict and the genius behind Twisted Metal Steamworks, TMS) said all I needed was a vintage car, when she saw this design.

So below the product pics I have dedicated “Sebastian and the Bugatti” to Leona ;)


Hair/Skin: Diversity
Cleavage: Rhonda Pennell
Shoes/Prim Feet: N-Core Design


Sebastian and the Bugatti: For Leona Upshaw


You can find this design in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions and right HERE online at my Apez Storefront
PS: look for ADF Designs COMING SOON to (MVX) MetaverseExchange!

Bobbie Leather

A sexy hot PVC Leather skimpy for you! Features collar style skin tight bodice and peek-a-boo bottoms.
Comes with flexy loin cloth panels and shoulder scarves.


Hair: “Bobbie” (Classic) by AmberStrands
Skin: A Piece Of Candy
Shoes/Prim Feet: Style Starts Here

You can find this design and oh so much more in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions and right HERE online at my Apez Storefront

PVC Catsuits

You might remember that red hot and slick Hand Drawn catsuit I made for the 7 Sins fashion show. The show didn’t happen, but everyone loved my Lust Sin offering nevertheless ;)

My mentor Simone Stern (of Simone! Designs & Style Starts Here) gave me kudos for that design (eeee! yaaay!) and hinted I might do well to boost the contrast and offer the suit in black and hot pink.

So: done and done!

Just as with the original, you get this design on all layers for maximum versatility, and with scripted matching crop. AND! You can get all three in a nicely discounted FatPack :)

La Noire & La Pinke

LaNoireFM LaPinkeFM CatsuitFatPackFMjpg
Hair/Skin: Diversity
Shoes: Style Starts Here
Cleavage: Rhonda Pennell
Attitude: Ambergris Deadly Fashions

You can find these designs and oh so much more in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions: they are also TRANSFER and make wonderful gifts!
enjoy :)


Chic adorable LBD that is must-have for your wardrobe!
Features that delicious Ambergrisish sexy-demure signature ;)

Detailed top, elegant silhouette and hints of the semi-sheer flex prims beneath the tooled black leather skirt.

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New skimpy!
Black leather, silver hardware accents, buckles and straps galore!
You get two tops, one that shows a lot more, one that keeps you covered. Comes with g-string panties, garter styled strappy leggings and “warrior princess” belt/skirt.
Created on all layers for maximum versatility

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Lola with Boots

Sexy little number done up in soft black leather. Tiny top, belly baring shorts-as-skirt, matching flexi “flirt”.

Comes with a pair of ADF All Tied Up Boots with walk/no walk options

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