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99L Sale! Dark Weddings is Closing

Yes you heard it right:

The Dark Weddings section of Ambergris Deadly Fashions is closing down!

Everything that is ADF-Created on those Four Fabulous Walls is going for only 99L!

A great chance to snag Deliciously Dark and Gorgeously Glam designs for almost next to nothing :)


Wedding Gowns, Groom Suits, Women’s Suits, Formal Menswear, Formal Gowns, Dresses, Flower Girl, Veils, Gothy Glam, Vintage ADF, Hand Drawn, Luscious Lingerie, Deadly Discounted Full Formal SETS – and MORE!

The perfect time to Get a Great Gift – almost everything is TRANSFER!!! (omg)

ONLY at the Dark Weddings Location <—yes that is a TP SLurl! Don’t miss out – doors are closing soooooooooooooonnnn!

You can also pull up my profile and Teleport from my Picks, Type Dark Weddings into in world search and TP from there, go to main store location and use the internal Teleport system :) But just GET THERE!!

Happy Holidays! Shop HARDER My Lovelies!

~Amber :)

Dark Weddings: secondlife://Knot/246/221/56

99L Sale!

Lots of LOVE for little loot! I have put a selection of my last year’s Valentine Collection on sale. Yes, I am getting an early start, but I am feeling the love!

Transfer for gift giving so: share the Love!
I have pictured below (clickable thumbnails) some of the designs available in the “Sale’s Patch”. Just follow the pink and red heart step stones :)

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Fare Thee Well 2008

I must say all in all it was a good year. I met lot of new people, designed many new creations, tiered up and partied down. As for RL, perhaps not so good. But at least I got to vote in the USA’s most historic presidential election EVER.

Am I Recession Proof? Not on your life! *giggles!* This is where the first and second life starts to blend a little. However I am very good at rolling with the punches as they say; and I look with Hope to the New Year and the Future.

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SALE: 12 Deadly Days

Happy 3rd Birthday Ambergris Deadly Fashions!

To celebrate three very interesting and fruitful years in Second Life, I am having a very big sale that will last from today ~ October 20th 2008 ~ through October 31st 2008.

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