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ADF Fashion Party: Color Me Spring!

! ~~~~~ ____________ Prrrrressss Release ____________ ~~~~~ !

Oh Yes! This month’s Fashion Party is ALL about the Blue! The Purple! and The PINK!


Come out to the ADF Party Place and CELEBRATE!!

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Another fun Ambergris Dancing Design!

This one features a semi-sheer flouncy flexy top with matching bouncy flirty skirt. Shorts-as-skirt feature allows to you show off those abs as you dance the night away ;)

Truly delish!

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Salsa-ready dancing design! Slick shiny detailed textures, itty bitty shorts-as-skirt, twirly whirly, bouncy flouncy flexi skirt!

Reinforced bustier cups to hold things in place while you shake those pixels ;)

Have FUN

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Swish: Red White & Blue

I seem to be making a lot of Dancing Designs lately! All I know is that they are fun to design, and fun to wear yay!

Matching top and skirt, Asymetrical prim skirt. This design is available in (Tintable!) Black & White and in Red and in Blue.

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A wonderful Ambergris Dancing Design! This is a sister-dress to the 2006 Bidi Bidi Bom Bom; my tribute to Selena.

Ruffled textures on the kerchief top, shorts and tortured prim flexi flounce. Prim sleeves complete the look

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Thalia: Dancing Design!

Just in time for the weekend! There are many Ambergris Fans who collect my Dancing Designs, and I know this will make a wonderful new addition to their collections.

Detailed tube top, short short skirt with tortured prim flexy skirt. It bounces, flounces and fluffs around your hips as you move and dance. Optional matching gloves included

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Another Ambergris Dancing Design! Named after AmbergrisAddicts Group member Coralina Ashton. Shiny textures, sassy silhouette. Bouncy flouncy flex skirt ~ perfect for dancing :)

Available in 3 colors: Black, Green and Red

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Queen of Mardi Gras!

Yes you can! *giggles!* I had a lot of fun creating this design and I know it will take you through Fat Tuesday and beyond.

Formal gown with bold black and white textures, full sweeping belle skirt and matching gloves. Comes with 2 masks: one for the face and one hand held with flexy feathers and scripted pose.

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