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ADF Fashion Party: Color Me Spring!

! ~~~~~ ____________ Prrrrressss Release ____________ ~~~~~ !

Oh Yes! This month’s Fashion Party is ALL about the Blue! The Purple! and The PINK!


Come out to the ADF Party Place and CELEBRATE!!

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Fashion Show, Party

Tons of Fun stuff going on with ADF today!

and YOU are invited!!

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Easter Goodies at ADF!

A weekend chock full of goodies, gifts and FUN at Ambergris Deadly Fashions!

A fun, flirty dancing design, lovely recolor of a popular gown, aaand… easter egg hunt storewide and all over my land ;)


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Cool Visitor Strikes Again!

Back in October of last year This Cool Visitor found my store whilst on his journeys around the grid. I adore his blog, and the translator device (it is written in Japanese) always reveals les resultes plus charmantes ;) (pardon my Franglais!)

This adventurer found the ADF Party Place (almost) ready to go for the FABulous Fashion Party we’re throwing tonight:

Check Out The Visit!

While some may find the translated text not as charming as I do, you cannot complain about the thoroughness of his picture taking skills!

I do hope to meet this intrepid SL explorer someday….

Meanwhile see you at the ADF Fashion Party tonite at 7pm SLT! Ole Ole Ole!

ADF Fashion Party: Sexy Samba!



Ambergris Deadly Fashions
Barbosa Wolfpack Events

ADF Fashion Party Sexy Samba!

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GIA Red Heart 100 Starts today!

GLANCE International Agency Presents the RED HEART 100
Fundraising Sale for Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund
GLANCE – February 1, 2010 – GLANCE International Agency (GIA), SL’s premier fashion public relations and marketing company, announced today the start of the RED HEART 100 a very special fundraising drive to benefit the International Red Cross Haitian Earthquake Relief Fund.

4318984644_694beeab9aThe Red Heart 100 is a special sale taking place now through Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010 on the Glance Sim. 30 of SL’s top fashion designers have created special outfits or priced down their latest releases which are being sold at Glance in special Red Cross Vendors.

All outfits, clothing, hair and accessories are priced down exclusively for this event at just 100L with all proceeds from the sales going directly to the International Red Cross.
Click HERE for the full press release announcement, SLurl and other information

Risatina Skins Grand Opening

I officially gave myself the deadline of today, February 1st!

And so it is :D

I got to meet some very interesting people who dropped by today.

I’m extending the “festivities” all week, so I do hope you take a little time from your busy days and stop in to see the new shop :)

Click HERE for the SLurl/Teleport and HERE for all the information on Risatina Makeup and Skins by Ambergris Baphomet.

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Afternoon Demise: Fashion Show

YOU are invited!

Ambergris Deadly Fashions


Afternoon Demise: Fashion To DIE For


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