Beyond: Awesome 2-in-1

I was so pleased with the texture I created for this design that I couldn’t decide to use it for a dress or pants. So you get BOTH! yaaaaay YOU! :)

Bodacious and blue, excellent bustier, sassy skirt silhouette and you cant beat the delish prim cuffed trou. All done up with, if I say so myself a FABulous bluesy texture.

Hair: AmberStrands, Bobbie w/Messy Bangs
Skin: Risatina, So Fresh with TatMakeup, Cory Naturals Spice
Cleavage: AYUMI
Shoes: Tonic
Fingernails: Sexy Mammas, Sculpted Nail Manicure

You can find this design in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions or right HERE Online at my Marketplace Store. TRANSFER for Fabu Gift Giving!
enjoy :)

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