Ambergris on Marketplace

Why don’t you CLICK RIGHT HERE to get a peek at the newly revamped Ambergris Deadly Fashions store on the Second Life Marketplace?

I ditched out my store when Marketplace was XStreet, due to Linden Lab and their greed – they wanted to charge for each item placed on their precious servers. Seeing as I already pay tier I figured no I don’t think so kthx gbye!

Well I guess they came to their senses and now allow people to list like pretty much every other online store service – for free and only take a precentage from each sale.

So that’s why I’m back on Marketplace/Xstreet. For now you can a taste of my designs and even some pose pack as I’ve resurrected AmberAnims as well. (Peek! Red Hot Pack!).

There are rumors that they are soon(??) to be ditching the Magic Boxes system for something else, so I’m not going to have many items that I’ll just have to redo if/when that happens.

Besides I’d much more appreciate you getting your lazy butts actually IN WORLD to visit my store IN PERSON and see what amazing things I’ve done with the layout, decor and you KNOW you can always snag on the GIFTIES I have for those who Dare To Wear :D
Buy/Sell Lindens HERE! No Fees Multiple Currencies Fast Service

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