3 New Designs!

A beautiful bunch of designs fresh from The Gimp and awaiting you on the store shelves at Ambergris Deadly Fashions :)


Slick red HOT leather is the highlight of this ensemble! Boosted bustier, and shorts-as-skirt to give you plenty of chances to show off your belly button!
Comes with a matching pair of ADF Love Me Boots – FREE

Hair: Truth
Skin: Risatina


Gloop Set

Hawt lil top and belted pants set! Comes with a saucy chapeau adorned with sculpted roses. The “gloopy” texture gives this outfit its name! *giggles!*

Hair: Truth
Skin: Risatina
Shoes: Urbanity



Named after Mozart’s wife! Lush textures, Foofy princess gown and flowing flexy sleeves. Comes with a princess style (over the top!) ribbonned hat :)

Hair: DrLife available at AmberStrands
Skin: Risatina

You can find these three designs right in the Land-in Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions! TRANSFER for easy Gift Giving and the Pricing is Always Right at ADF!

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