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Value of the Linden Dollar

Happy New Year and Merry 2011! If you want dry stats and boring economic outlooks please click HERE. For my Ambergrisish POV on something that’s been puzzling me for AGES: continue reading ;)


Now please keep in mind that all of this is taking in consideration that the world-wide recession (depression? economic down-turn?) has indeed hit Second Life and seems to be rather entrenched, despite upturns and good news from many areas in RL. Many (including myself) have consequently lowered their prices accordingly. SL lagged (pun intended!) a bit behind RL in seeing the bad news, so I expect it to lag a bit with the good news too.

But I digress. What has been puzzling me, for years actually – well before the RL recession hit – has been the pricing of clothing in the Fashion Industry here in in SL. When something puzzles me – especially something in my perview, I tend to worry at it, do research and ponder on it, until I come up with my Ideas and Theories on WHY such a thing is the way it is.

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