Black Leather Friday

Once you’ve got that pesky RL shopping out of the way, hurry on over to Ambergris Deadly Fashions and add this delectible gown to your wardrobe.

Created with a whispered tip in my (smexy!) shell-like ear from the Fabulous NightShadows McCullough, this is another smash-hit design from RL-to-SL with the usual Ambergrisish touch of Majik ;)

Features a swirling flaring mermaid skirt, slink around in shimmering PVC leather, with plunging neckline and itty bitty shoulder strap. DIVINE!


Hair: Ballet by DrLife, available at AmberStrands
Skin: Nite Dreams by Risatina (Cleavage, AYUMI)

Oh did I mention? This gown comes with an extra top – sans arm bracers – for those appearance mode challenged ;p Mod/Transfer: Makes a very special Gift!

Located in front of the Glamour Gown Golden Circle in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions.

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