Nebulara Gown

This gorgeous gown is based on the Planetary (“Spirograph”) Nebula IC 418, and is Unique and a Must-Have for your wardrobe!

Features tortured prim sleeves and fabulous swirling skirts. (HUGE Thank You to AmberSpamCrew members Montelli Vantelli and Maxine Endrizzi for their help with the spiral prims!)

Star-studded blackness of space accents at the waist and sleeve cuffs complete this amazing look :)


Hair: Ballet by DrLife, available at AmberStrands
Skin: Sunkissed by Risatina

You can grab this gown on the Wall in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions, to the right of the Glamour Gowns Golden Circle ~ hey grab a couple of those too while you’re at it!

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