Exclusive Draconic Designs

Announcing a bountiful bevy of designs from Ambergris Deadly Fashions!

These designs were commissioned by and created for the Precious Dragons Community. They of course each feature a dragon theme and are available in ONLY one place in SL:

The PD Dragons Den Club on the new Wolfhaven Productions Sim! <—YES that’s a SLurl so CLICK IT and then use the Teleport Pad to go up to the club. The designs are on the wall opposite the entrance: can’t miss em! The Club is created and operated by Dragon Lord (My Prince!) Sybria Young :) Its beautiful, check it out!

1. Red Dracul
Delicious scarlet textures featuring fierce red and gold dragons facing off on the bodice, dragons curling along the hemline, and matching chapeau to set the whole thing off.

Hair: DrLife available at AmberStrands
Skin: Risatina
Transferable for Gift Giving!


2. Dragon Lord
Heavy on the leather, silver hardware accents, bone white skeleton dragon motif on top and trou. Features matching horned cloak, flexy wrist cuffs and black half gloves.

Hair: Calico
Skin: Mazzo Design by Mac Ayres
Model: AmberDude
Transferable for Gift Giving!


3. Dragon Tattoo Set
Dragon shapes curling and crawling all over your upper body, in crisp black outlines in the tribal style. This Unisex set comes in many ways to wear it for maximum versatility: Arms, chest, back only; Arms & chest; Arms & Back; Full. Created on the underwear layer – other layers/perms available on request.

Skin (Female): Risatina
Skin (Male): Mazzo Design by Mac Ayres
Transferable for Gift Giving!


4. Dragonsbreath T-Shirt
Bold black tee featuring a dragon in full fire breathing mode, on front and back. Baleful red dragonseye glares from each shoulder. Unisex.

Skin (Female): Risatina
Skin (Male): Mazzo Design by Mac Ayres
Transferable for Gift Giving!


5. Pink Dragon Tee (FREE!)
Pink dragons running rampant over a pink tshirt: what’s not to love? Unisexy and FREE!



Click right HERE to teleport and get your DragonWear ON! Don’t forget to use the Teleporter to go UP to the Club to snag your designs :)

Ambergris Deadly Fashions
Risatina Makeup and Skins by Ambergris Baphomet

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