Glamour Gown #3!

eeeeee! We are now at Gown Number Three in the Glamour Gown Extravaganza! Will I make it to 10 Sets????

Who knows?? *giggles!* In the mean time feast your eyes on the latest Glam Gown and Go Get Eeeeet!!

3. Hera
Jewel encrusted gown fit for a Goddess (YOU of course!) There is so much to this gown that I’ll let the pic speak for itself. You get the form-fitting silhouette complete with matching semi-sheer stole.

Colors for this Set: Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby

Hair: DrLife, Belle (color change by click) @ AmberStrands
Skin: Sunkissed (with three lipsticks) @ Risatina

Naturally ALL the Glamour Gowns are TRANSFER so don’t hesitate to give them as Gifts!

ONLY available at Ambergris Deadly Fashions Main Store <—Le SLurl!!

Brought to you by Precious Dragons: Breedable Dragons! Have you got yours yet?? No really… Seriously. GO NOW! :D

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