Glamour Gown Extravaganza!

I decided to kick off the end of my (3 month) Official Vacation from Second Life with a nice hefty dose of Glitz and Glam. Why not? I’m expecting to make 10 new gowns for this extraodinary collection.

Each gown style will come in a pack with 3 colors and a special additional accessory, like a chapeau, or stockings or a purse.  And everything will indeed be sprinkled with lots of luscious Ambergrisishness!

TWO sets are out today!! You can ONLY get them at the Ambergris Deadly Fashions Main Store, btw.

1. Norliana

I named this gown after one of my new FB friends I met during my VayCay. Its such a pretty name! And perfect for my first Glam Gown. The colors for this set are: Tangerine, Blueberry and Apricot.

The gowns are full of lush textures, the tints are boldly enhanced, the skirt, flowing, floating and with a petal scalloped hemline. Topped off perfectly with a matching chapeau.

Hair: DrLife, available at AmberStrands; Skin, Fresh Diva by Risatina


2. Anastasia

You just can’t go wrong with this sexy-glam little cocktail party length dress! Tons of embroidery details, shining silk fabrics, semi-sheer skirt prims, and comes with matching clutch purse and semi-sheer stockings.

The colors for this set are: Wine, Champagne and Cocktail

Hair: Tukinowaguma; Skin, Rosabella by Risatina; Shoes, Sylfie Minogue

Three-in-One all for a the usual FABulous ADF pricing thats easy on your purse and wallets. Cliquez Ici (HERE) for the SLurl to teleport and GRAB these gowns! Transfer for Easy Gift Giving too!
enjoy :)

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