July Retrospective Final

Well it has been FUN going Back to the Future with you this month! This is the third and final installment :) I have been enjoying my “Second Life Vacation”, but many have been pressing (and poking!) me to get off the beach and back to my sewing machine! So who knows? August might be full of delish new designs from ADF! In the meantime, enjoy the retrospective!


HeyBaby, circa July 2009


Fun and flirty lil number perfect for those hot Summer days and nights! Features shredded lace on the bustier top, and semi sheer skirt prims. Delightful! Available in Blood Red and in Black.


Dora, circa July 2009


Who knew you could look so chic without prims? This sparkling golden sheath dress is a must-have for your wardrobe! Comes with a little matching bolero jacket too ;)


Swish, circa July 2009


Everyone likes to break out the colors in July! I created this ADF Dancing Design for those who wanted to get out and boogie for the Fourth and also for Bastille Day. Naturally, this outfit is available in Red, White (Tintable!) and Blue :D


Marnie, circa July 2009


Be kind to your Designer! Keep your ARC down and still look GOOD at your local fashion shows :) Leave the prims behind and sashay, meet and greet and rub elbows in this classic design created a la House of Chanel. Features a pencil skirt topped off nicely with a shimmering silk blouse. Sexy-Demure, no?


Grab these designs on the wall at Ambergris Deadly Fashions <—-eee! SLurl!! And if you want something more up to date: Spoil yourself rotten in the New Items Area! Shop HARDER my Lovelies!!

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