July Retrospective 2

What was I creating a year ago? Can you still get those fabulous designs? Well here is the post to answer all your questions ;) July Retrospective Part One showcased one design, this post will have more!


Verdad, Circa July 2009

Sexy, sassy and quintessential Ambergris Dancing Design! Features red hot textures, flexi semi-sheer prim top with matching shorts-as-skirt to show off that belleh!


Kiki Pink and Blue, Circa July 2009

Go primless in this belted spunky little number! Spaghetti straps, lots of details and available in two bold colors:  Pink and in Blue. Inspired by the Amazing Keira “Kiki” Tyles!


MamaSeh, Circa July 2009

We had just lost the King of Pop a month earlier, and many of us were still stunned, in shock and hurting. I dedicated this design to MJ. Name of the design artistically changed from part of the chorus to “Wanna Be Startin Somethin”. (Mama-say mama-sah ma-ma-coo-sah)

Features fishnet gloves and leggings, punky plaid top and matching (80’s style double belted) shorts. Note: the top is held up by SL Magik, typical of many of ADF designs ;) Other details: Fabric rouched into a bow across the breasts, and itty bitty skull on the belt buckle.


Bedella, Circa July 2009

Shimmering silver fabric is the highlight of this design! Add to it the bouncy flouncy and flirty skirt and you got a winner :) The bustier will enhance your curves, and with the shorts-as-skirt for pixel baring daring: watch out world!

And YES YOU CAN get all of these designs righ now: On the wall at Ambergris Deadly Fashions! <—– (omfg SLURL!) Want something less retro? -browse the New Items Wall and shop till you DROP!
enjoy :)

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