July Retrospective

As you know, since I recently won SL, I’ve also been on an extended (and much past due!) Official Second Life Vacation. Well vaycay time is over! (sort of)

Before you get to smack your greedy little eyes on my new stuff, I’ll be posting designs from July 2009.  Some are funny and fun, some are gorgeous and glam, others are darling and daring. But always, always Ambergrisish!

Lucille, circa 7/2009:


There is almost always a story behind each design I do, and this one is no different. I was up late (as usual) watching some old school twilight zone marathon and a woman waltzes into a room wearing this DIVINE outfit!

I did what I normally do when media gives me design ideas: I squealed, did a few backflips (ok only in my mind, but I DID squeal), and sketched and sketched until the episode was over.

Lovely, elegant, retro and available on the wall at Ambergris Deadly Fashions.

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