Level Up!

I just wanted to inform my various customers, fans, AmbergrisAddicts, followers, worshippers, collaborators, stalkers, hangers-on, wives, shoppers,  husbands, models, guest designers, AmberSpam Crew and so on:

That I have WON Second Life!

I join the ranks of such luminaries that have already won SL:

Simone Stern, Stephen Psaltery, Dirk Talamasca, Leona Upshaw, Tippi Dagger,  CallieDel Boa, Traven Sachs, Sylfie Minogue, jefferey Heart, Garaan Fitzroy, Montelli Vantelli, Keira Tyles, Rod Insippo, Lazzerio Laxness, Abba Rau, Jeanine Hax, Heidi Hammerer, CodeWarrior Carling, Salvo Waydelich, Mimmi Boa, NightShadows McCullough, Barbie Starr, Brace Coral, Drax Lemieux, Lannorra Sion, Siobhan Taylor, Calamity Hathaway, Olaf Barbosa, Webgoddess Mars, AWM Mars, Cory Korolev, Haroldthe Burrel, Lamia Essex, Pepe Lardner, FlameRose Dagger, SexyJade Echegaray, Carl Metropolitan, Elizabeth Wood, Jujudoll Dancer, Musimba Yellowknife.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! I know… it has been a long road, but remember… that YOU too can win SL! Just hang on by your fingernails for years and years and years and BAM! (it could happen!)

no applause.. really.. no… just show your congratulations by getting your wallets and purses over to Ambergris Deadly Fashions and shop your little hearts out!



Your Destiny Awaits



This has been an ADF Announcement sponsored by Risatina Skins, Delish Sits, AmberStrands, AmberAnims, Dark Weddings and ADF Elite Runway and Model Management

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