I’m So Tired >_<

The rat race has gotten me down.



Taking a mini-vacation.


Aside from current designs sitting on my “sewing machine” (the Gimp), and fun new projects I’ve taken on (Furniture Making! Hawt New Menswear Line!), I’m going to slow down a little, smell the flowers and all that.


If you don’t see me around as much.

That’s WHY.


Also going to wreck-I mean remodel my store too. (that always cheers me up)

I feel like a damn dolphin

So Long and THANKS for all the Fish


2 responses to “I’m So Tired >_<

  1. take care of you Amber, don’t be a stranger.

  2. *muahs Noirrrr* :))
    I’ll be at Transylvania more often now yayy!!

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