ADF Fashion Party: Color Me Spring!

! ~~~~~ ____________ Prrrrressss Release ____________ ~~~~~ !

Oh Yes! This month’s Fashion Party is ALL about the Blue! The Purple! and The PINK!


Come out to the ADF Party Place and CELEBRATE!!




Saturday April 24th, 2010
7:30pm SLT
Teleport SLurl to the Party Place

We got LIVE DJ DavidJoshua Artful WORKING the Wheels of Steel
Moneh and Prize balls will be SPINNING!

(Not to Mention Delicious Ambergris Fashions will be falling from the SKY: NOBODY leaves our parties empty handed!)

1K Contest: Best in Ambergris Spring Colors! Oh Hey That Contest Board ALWAYS magically ends up with More Moneh = we LOVE it!

!~~Get your Party Gear at ADF or at the Event~~!

Come Party with the Pretty People!
IM Ambergris Baphomet or FlameRose Dagger for your Private Limo:
SEE YOU THERE! Bring some Friends!

! ~~~~~ ____________ Prrrrressss Release ____________ ~~~~~ !

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