Daily Archives: April 21, 2010

ADF Fashion Party: Color Me Spring!

! ~~~~~ ____________ Prrrrressss Release ____________ ~~~~~ !

Oh Yes! This month’s Fashion Party is ALL about the Blue! The Purple! and The PINK!


Come out to the ADF Party Place and CELEBRATE!!

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Another Ambergris Skimpie!

This hot little number comes chock FULL of goodies!
Dramatic gloves, sheer striped stockings with garters, teeny tiny top and “notsomuch” skirt ;)

Comes with studded color-change flexy bow collar oh yes!


Hair: DrLife (styles now available at AmberStrands!)
Skin: Bontemps Purple Pale by Risatina

You can find this design right HERE online at MVX Storefront and in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions