Easter Goodies at ADF!

A weekend chock full of goodies, gifts and FUN at Ambergris Deadly Fashions!

A fun, flirty dancing design, lovely recolor of a popular gown, aaand… easter egg hunt storewide and all over my land ;)


Egg Dance

Another fabulous Ambergris Dancing Design!
Done up soooo CUTE with easter egg motif on the bouncy flouncy skirt

Features belted top with matching eggy print sleeves!

Available in 5 fun versions: Pink! Multicolor! Goth! Gold! Blue!

Hair: DrLife (All Color-by-Click available at AmberStrands!)
Skin: Risatina

Happy Dancing ;)


Trudy Blue

Lovely recolor of the delicious gown Trudy!
Features prim sleeves, detailed bodice with plunging neckline, lushly textured cinch belt and shimmering flowing skirt.

Hair: DrLife (Styles available at AmberStrands!)
Skin: LAQ

An absolute treat!


Easter Egg Hunt Details:

Frequently over the weekend all the way through Sunday, there will be colorful easter eggs scattered around the store and any spots reachable by the ADF Teleporter.

Inside the eggs: Monies! FREE Designs! Quirky GIFTS! Taco! (= FREE design of your choice!) Gift Certificates!
Also click around the New Items Wall for other Gifts & Goodies

Get these Fun and Fabulous designs, and start your hunting right HERE at Ambergris Deadly Fashions.

Get Trudy Blue and Egg Dance at my MVX Storefront! (click the design names to shop!)


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