Daily Archives: March 26, 2010

Gridwide Panda Heist Hunt: in The News!

Well this is exciting!

I am a rookie at hunts although I have had a great time in the ones I have done so far; This hunt is very special because it also work out as a fundraiser for Pandas International.  (yay Spooky Mistwallow!)

Anyway here is the link from SL-Newspaper.com:

Panda Hunt Article

If you join in on the hunt ~ lots of wonderful designers and content creators! ~ (yeees including ADF!), please be sure to donate SOMEthing ANYthing to the panda donation kiosks if you can :)

Here is me with my baby panda Xha0-Xhao :)


(omg I am looking a little noobish *giggles!* that picture was from awhile ago!)

Happy Hunting!