ADF Fashion Party: Sexy Samba!



Ambergris Deadly Fashions
Barbosa Wolfpack Events

ADF Fashion Party Sexy Samba!


We are taking a trip to Brazil this month
and YOU are invited!

Sunday March 28th, 7pm SLT

At the ADF Party Place!

Come out and dance the night away to the sultry hot latin beats from our LIVE DJ DavidJoshua Artful!

Sexiest in AmberWear Contest: ALWAYS 1K or MORE on the Board!

—>Grab those Brazilian Samba Costumes/Skimpies and MORE at AmberTramp: Always in the Top & Trou Dept at Ambergris Deadly Fashions or at the Event<—

Ole Samba Costume PICAmberTrampOleSambaMalePIC

Money and Gift Orbs will be SPINNING!!

IM Ambergris Baphomet or FlameRose Dagger for your Private Limo to the Event: DARE to Be THERE!



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