Silkiee Emerald

This an over-the-top design that is a lot of fun and comes chock full of goodies! Queen of the Shamrocks much? *giggles!*

You get: A silky textured emerald gown sprinkled with shamrocks, a matching Shamrock Chapeau, shoulder shrug and a clover-tipped Shamrock Wand. The wand emits floating shamrock shapes, and has rainbow sparkles as well. eeeee!

Silkiee Emerald

Hair: Diversity
Skin: Risatina

You can find this design in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions and right HERE online at my MVX Storefront.

1. MetaTradeSL open for pre-beta site registrations! click HERE! Avoid the listing fees of XStreet and get the LOWEST commission on sales evar: 3%!

2. Store Remodel: ADF has a facelift! Lovely new wood floors, some wall tweaking and fabulous NEW Teleporter at entrance that takes you to ALL the instore locations. Also TP directly to the AmberStrands Hair Salon, Dark Weddings, KeyLane Designs, and other Knot sim Ambergris locations. (Secret Garden, ADF UFO and Secret Studio!)

3. 50L DAILY Silver Star Specials has a new permanent location on the North wall of the New Items Area yay! Also poke around the entrance area to get in on the 55L Manic Monday Madness, Pot of Gold Hunt, Panda Heist Hunt,  specials, gifts and goodies for you :)

(Please feel free to say hi to my lil doggie Lucy and click on Kim the Store Assistant to get your free gift!)


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