105L Will Get You Glam

Did you know that GREEN used to be the Signature Color for Ambergris Deadly Fashions? Yes, yes it did! Back when my logo looked like this:


I made lots of designs in almost all shades of green imaginable. So you are in luck when it comes around to St Patrick’s Day, Xmas and Springtime and well, any occasion that you might need a fabulous green outfit for ;)

Today on the Daily 50L Silver Star Special wall you have Garnier in Green:

(Also available in Red)

And on the 55L Manic Monday Madness platform is HaveFun in Green (ONLY available at this price until 11:59pm SLT):

(also available in purple and in red)

Be sure to wander past the pink wall and take a peek around the corner to see what else is there for you on the Green Wall, and poke around in the New Items Area and unearth emerald treasures like the new Natalie Ensemble:

(available in 8 other colors)

Happy Shopping! —-> Teleport SLurl To The Store <—
enjoy :)

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