Jeanine’s Dream

Every once in awhile an outfit is created with a unique set of circumstances and collaboration. this is such an outfit. It all began in a wild (as usual) AmbergrisAddicts Group IM chat, and ended up with Jeanine Hax “volunteering” to dream about Olaf Barbosa. She then handed me the slept apon (stained!) sheet and I was to create an outfit from that.

I cut the sheet into three parts, Amberized them (keeping most of the stains, naturally) tinted them and with a little bit of SL Magik: voila!

Jeanine’s Dream

Available in three colors: Black, Purple and Red. Comes with teeny tiny top, sculpted sleeves, semi-sheer flexy top and draped loin cloth panels over matching G-string panties and leggings. Priced to mix and match: wear how you wish!

Model: Jeanine Rayna aka “Twinsie”
Hair: Diversity Hair – Kiki – Summer
Skin: OCD Designs – Rhielle skin

You can find this design in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions and right HERE at my MVX Storefront.

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