Amber Gets Plastic Surgery!

———–> Like, Almost Legit Press Release Type Dealy <————


With the rumors flying since AmberAvie has been scarce on the Grid of late, inquiring minds wanted to know WHY. Well it seems that Ambergris Baphomet of Ambergris Deadly Fashions has been recouperating from some minor facial reconstruction surgery.

Exclusive interview (ok overheard conversation but heck we’re on a budget here!) with Amber and her Doctor below the Before and After piccies!


BEFORE: Le Nez Impressive! Pale-ish skin. AFTER: Cute lil nose, sunlamp tan.

Fans of the Signature Ambergris Schnozz will be in mourning after they take a peek at these pictures, that is for sure!


BEFORE: Surprised eyebrows, green dragon eyes, pointy chin. AFTER: Eyebrows normal, shimmering grey eyes, lip re-shape and chin-0-plasty. (And of course Ambergris had to lose that I-Love-Vampires-Skin-Tone thing)


Ambergris: ow! stop POKING my nose!

Doctor Amber: Just checking to make sure everything is ok.

Ambergris: well its FINE. and don’t even think about poking at my chin.

Doctor Amber: Ahh I do such wonderful work, don’t you think?

Ambergris: *grumbles* well you should, considering how much you charge.

Doctor Amber: tut tut! Now remember. Go out and play in the sun to keep that nice tan going, and for goodness sakes: stay AWAY from those pale undead vampires!

Ambergris: but.. Doc.. I LOVE vampires!

Doctor Amber: I understand. But you don’t have to bleach your skin to LOOK like them to love them now do you?

Ambergris: no. not really. I guess.

Doctor Amber: see? *beams again at her handiwork* ahh wonderful! Shall I send your bill to Garaan Fitzroy Esq. as requested?

Ambergris: Of Course!


2 responses to “Amber Gets Plastic Surgery!

  1. Lookin’ good Amber! Not that you didn’t look good before…

  2. *giggles!*
    ty Bellaaaaa! Just doing a little experimentation and trying something different.
    One of the fun things of SL!

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