Mardi Gras Skins!

Perfect for letting the good times roll, these Fat Tuesday makeups and skins will have you in the Mardi Gras Moment and ready to celebrate!

1. Michelle Mardi
Harlequin skin inspired by the 2008 Mardi Gras poster featuring the body art of Craig Tracy. You will just love the makeup and tattoo accents on the mask-like face.



2. La Masque
Save a little on your ARC and sport this makeup featuring a painted on mask in the traditional Mardi Gras colors. Luscious lips and hints of color on toe and fingernails too.


3. Bontemps
These makeups feature filigree designs around the eyes, matching eyeshadow and lipstick. With three colors available (Red, Purple, Gold) and three skin tones (Coco, Tan, Pale) you have enough variety to find the perfect party look!


Teleport to Risatina by clicking HERE and of course you can always use my Profile Picks in world to TP.

Don’t forget to grab the Gift Bag and hit up the Subscribo.


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