SL Forums Moving: No More Free Advertising

Well you can read all about it HERE but I will quote the section about Linden Lab’s decision to toss out the Classified all together. (no wonder they never bothered to update the forums after the urls were busted-I should have seen this coming…)

One last change: The Classifieds forums will be going away. When we began the classifieds section of the forums, it was one of the only venues in which Residents could advertise.

We now offer multiple ways for Residents to advertise their goods: via product listings and banner ads on xStreet, in the Commerce forums (for services, employment and help wanted) and through inworld classifieds (which are also shown on the Second Life website).

Translation: Sorry if your are new content creator and can’t afford any of those options mentioned above. WE are interested in making money, (because we charge for all that stuff we mentioned) and well, if you don’t have any to start your business out with: so sorry.



This will take place in two days on Tuesday (of course!) February 9th, 2010.

I for one (oldish content creator that I am) -still, I’m going to miss having that venue to post my new stuff in. People actually DO read those forums and it was a great place to advert and save a little cash.

Yes I do use the in-world classifieds, but I can’t compete with those people who (I guess) have disposable income and place ads for 10K and more every week.

Goodness knows what the new content creator is going to do now! Stuck between shelling out cash on Xstreet per listing/per MONTH, and paying for anywhere else they want to advert in.

Those of you helping out new people: I hope you can help the ones who are starting out with businesses, because they are going to need it. I’ll try to help out when I can, but we all know the recession has hit SL (hard!) and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m not doing as well as I have been in the past. (Why on earth you think I’m giving out perfectly good 250L-350L designs for only 50L-60L? We all got to work together to see this through).

Tier payments, vendor rental space, premium account fees, upload fees etc and so on do take its toll. I’m only posting this FYI, it is not like we can do anything about it (as per usual). But just so we know what’s going on, and we’re all on the same page.

Good Luck to EVERYone in this Brand New (nickel-and-dime-us-to-death) World!

One response to “SL Forums Moving: No More Free Advertising

  1. Hey Amber, thanks for bringing this to our attention. If you’ll allow me a moment to act like the “cheerleader” for MVX that I am, I’d like to point out that the Metaverse Exchange forums, while they’re not yet as busy as the old Xstreet ones were, are still quite functional and FREE to post in. There’s classifieds forums for Real Estate, Events Listings, New Products, Services, and Employment, and Wanted. We also have great banner ad pricing that won’t break the bank. It’s only L$250 for 10,000 impressions, and that’s a page top banner. :) *hugs Amber* I personally love your rants… keep ’em coming!

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