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SL Forums Moving: No More Free Advertising

Well you can read all about it HERE but I will quote the section about Linden Lab’s decision to toss out the Classified all together. (no wonder they never bothered to update the forums after the urls were busted-I should have seen this coming…)

One last change: The Classifieds forums will be going away. When we began the classifieds section of the forums, it was one of the only venues in which Residents could advertise.

We now offer multiple ways for Residents to advertise their goods: via product listings and banner ads on xStreet, in the Commerce forums (for services, employment and help wanted) and through inworld classifieds (which are also shown on the Second Life website).

Translation: Sorry if your are new content creator and can’t afford any of those options mentioned above. WE are interested in making money, (because we charge for all that stuff we mentioned) and well, if you don’t have any to start your business out with: so sorry.



This will take place in two days on Tuesday (of course!) February 9th, 2010.

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50L Today: Fabu Dress

Silver Star Special!

I’ve put this wonderful day dress up on the 50L roster for today :)

Hop into ADF and grab it!

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3 Tanks

Casual grunge set for les hommes ;) Only 100L!

You get 3 tank colors: Teal, Red and Purple with grungy textures

I also tossed in a pair of black jeans, why not?

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