50L, 60L, Weekend Deals!

Sixty Linden Sundays has expanded to Saturdays as well! And I’ve finally joined in on all the mayhem *giggles!* There is also the Silver Star Specials going on: Designs available for 50L!

A different 5oL design available: EVERY DAY! Thank you Simone Stern (of Simone! Designs and Style Starts Here for those of you living under a rock) for getting this fun shopping spree going! weeeeee!

60L Goodies for you:

Slickety Black w/Boots
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com


Today’s Silver Star 50L Design for you:

Last Night w/Posed Fur Muff

Remember, this is not a hunt. So stand still when you land in the store, rez, look around you NEARBY and then GRAB those deals!

Dont’ forget to snag the 2010 ADF Gift bag, and hit that subscriber too while you’re there.

Click HERE to teleport or use my profile picks in world :)

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