Risatina Skins Grand Opening

I officially gave myself the deadline of today, February 1st!

And so it is :D

I got to meet some very interesting people who dropped by today.

I’m extending the “festivities” all week, so I do hope you take a little time from your busy days and stop in to see the new shop :)

Click HERE for the SLurl/Teleport and HERE for all the information on Risatina Makeup and Skins by Ambergris Baphomet.

Be sure to grab the gift baggie and hit that subscriber box to get on the list for new skin updates as well as anything new from ADF.

As always, when starting a new project: feedback is welcome! Feel free to post here, or on the Risatina link or send me an IM in world.

Coming to Risatina this week:
*Makeups inspired by Lady Gaga
*Mardi Gras Makeup and Skins
*More guy skins ;)

Happy Skinning!


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