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ADF Fashion Party: Caught Dead in Red

Ambergris Deadly Fashions presents Fashion Party Series

(Yes: they’re BACK!)

And YOU are invited!

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My Neko

My first nekolicious design! This was a custom order from my Prince (Sybria Young) and now available to you! Perfect for both girls and guys :)

Features long sleeved grunge shirt – longer shirt included – with claw rips and tears on front and back, kitty paw prints; and tintable too!

The matching black pants with sculpted pants option complete the look. mew!

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Jeanine’s Dream

Every once in awhile an outfit is created with a unique set of circumstances and collaboration. this is such an outfit. It all began in a wild (as usual) AmbergrisAddicts Group IM chat, and ended up with Jeanine Hax “volunteering” to dream about Olaf Barbosa. She then handed me the slept apon (stained!) sheet and I was to create an outfit from that.

I cut the sheet into three parts, Amberized them (keeping most of the stains, naturally) tinted them and with a little bit of SL Magik: voila!

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Amber Gets Plastic Surgery!

———–> Like, Almost Legit Press Release Type Dealy <————


With the rumors flying since AmberAvie has been scarce on the Grid of late, inquiring minds wanted to know WHY. Well it seems that Ambergris Baphomet of Ambergris Deadly Fashions has been recouperating from some minor facial reconstruction surgery.

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ADF LookBook!

I love websurfing! you can find the most interesting things. Like this cool little site that allows you to create flashtastic websites for free!

Click the LookBook link below and enjoy :) Pass it along! (and yes my shop-a-holics: the design pics are linked to my MVX or Apez online stores) *giggles!*

ADF LookBook

hey.. are the rumors TRUE?? Has AmberAvie been AWOL due to recent Surgerie Plastique?? Stay tuned to find out!

50L Gown For Today!

Thanks to everyone who bought this gown for 100L in support of Haiti at the GLANCE fundraiser. If you missed it, you can grab it today for 50L.

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Mardi Gras Skins!

Perfect for letting the good times roll, these Fat Tuesday makeups and skins will have you in the Mardi Gras Moment and ready to celebrate!

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Gorgeous gown with form fitting bodice, brilliant color on the tortured prim skirt flounce.
This design is available in Scarlet and in Chocolate. At only 200L and TRANSFER this makes a wonderful last minute Valentine Gift :)

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