Daily Archives: January 18, 2010

ADF on Metaverse Exchange!

hihi my Lovelies!

If you are not up on current events, you should read THIS: all about why you should ditch XStreetSL.

I myself ditched out in November, and have continued to have an online shopping presence on Apez.biz.

I FINALLY (ty Nedria “Nads”  Cyr!) got around to listing my Ambergris Deadly Fashions items (not a lot just yet, but all fabulous to be sure) on Metaverse Exchange aka MVX yay!!!

So here is a teeny tiny little task for you if you are:
1. A content creator
2. Fashionista
3. Shop-a-holic
4. Ambergris Addict
5. Sick and Tired of LL trying to nickle and dime everyone to DEATH
6. Any and all of the above

Take a few minutes out of your busy lives and SIGN UP on MVX and get going into the NOW and the FUTURE of buying/selling SL items online.

Sorry but:  XStreet is old school, old news and is a complete mess. The staffers at MVX actually listen to suggestions and have already implemented several ideas that LL (and past owners of XStreet-sowwy!) have ignored and/or said was impossible or too difficult to do.

Just saying, like.

Support your local content creators and user-run services!
Join MVX today and have a brighter tomorrow :D

ADF on MVX <—-go shopping!